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Envision Math Online Edition.

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1 Envision Math Online Edition

2 Log-In Go to the web address: pap/login/login.jsp Enter the Username and Password Please note that this program is case sensitive. Type in the information exactly as it was provided to you.

3 What if... my log-in doesn’t work?
Check to be sure that you typed in your username and password EXACTLY as your teacher assigned them

4 Click “To Do” to access the lesson video, online textbook, and daily quiz.

5 Click “I’m Done” AFTER you have taken the quiz.
Click on the lesson

6 What if... I click “I’m Done” before I take the quiz?
Tell your teacher so that he/she can reassign the lesson to you

7 Access the online textbook
Watch the video Access the online textbook Take the quiz

8 Can I... watch the video more than one time?
Yes. You may watch the video as often as needed to help you understand the material. Once you click “I’m Done,” you cannot view the video any more.

9 Can I... practice questions at home using the online textbook?
Yes. You can access the same questions that you practiced in class at home. Once you click “I’m Done,” you cannot access the online textbook for that lesson.

10 2. Click on your answer choice.
1. Read the question 2. Click on your answer choice. 3. Go on to the next question

11 What if... the answer choices don’t appear?
Try using Safari internet browser Try zooming out View > Zoom Out Command > -

12 Can I... use paper and pencil or a whiteboard to help me solve the problems? Yes. Ask your teacher which writing utensils he/she would like you to use.

13 After you answer all the questions,
click “Yes” to have your quiz graded.

14 Quiz Score Homework Page After you check your score and memorize your homework assignment, close the screen and then click “I’m Done.”

15 Check here to make sure you are completing the correct homework assignment.

16 Homework Go to the following link for the homework pages
mponents/docmgr/default.php?sectiond etailid=205272& Scroll down until you find the lesson Print either “Reteach,” “Practice,” or “Enrichment” envision-math/

17 What if... my printer breaks? Tell your teacher as soon as possible
Ask if you can print your homework at school

18 What if... the homework page doesn’t match what we did in class?
Try your best to answer the questions and then tell your teacher the next day He/she will pass on that information to Pearson and they will fix the problem for the future.

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