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SuccessNet- enVision Math’s online digital tool for home or school

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1 SuccessNet- enVision Math’s online digital tool for home or school
For more information, visit the Instructional Support Services website, found at

2 What is SuccessNet? SuccessNet is the web-based technology component of Scott-Foresman enVision Math. All LEUSD students are already uploaded into the SuccessNet system. Teachers can register and upload these students into their own online classrooms.

3 What can teachers do with SuccessNet?
Create an online class that students can access at home. Assign tests and assignments from the enVision program. Create, assign, and analyze standards-based tests that you create from question banks. Also, students are assigned remediation assignments based on their results Read and print any misplaced pages from the Teacher or Student Editions, including homework, tests, and problems of the day. Use the “E-Resources” that include digital manipulatives for place value, money, time, fraction, measurement, geometry and more.

4 What can students do with SuccessNet?
Complete digital lessons with Visual Learning Animations, guided practice, and quizzes Read and print out online student editions of the textbook Take tests online, at home or school, and get immediate feedback and leveled practice sheets based on their results Access an animated glossary of Mathematical terms

5 How do I get started? All LEUSD students are already uploaded into the SuccessNet system! Once teachers register online at they can upload these students into their own online classrooms.

6 How do I register? To do this:
Navigate to Click the Register button below “To get your user name and password, register using your access code.” Enter the Access Code for your grade level. Grade Level Access Code Kinder SFMADP09CAENGKB 1st SFMADP09CAENG1B 2nd SFMADP09CAENG2B 3rd SFMADP09CAENG3B 4th SFMADP09CAENG4B 5th SFMADP09CAENG5B 6th SFMADP09CAENG6B

7 How do I register? (cont.)
After inputting your Access Code, you are prompted to put in a Zip Code. This is the Zip Code to you school. If you don’t know this, LEUSD contains the Zip Codes 92530,92595,92532, and 92883 When you put in a Zip Code, possible schools are generated. Choose your school. After your school is selected, complete the rest of Profile Setup. Only fields in red are required. Click Register to complete the registration. Now you can login!

8 How do I get students in my class?
The students are already uploaded, all you have to do is put them in your class. To do this: Log In to SuccessNet and Go to the classes tab at the top of the screen. Select “Build New Classes” Name your class and select what products you want to use. On the next screen, Select the link “view” under the Roster column.

9 How do I get students in my class?
On the next screen, click Select From School Roster Choose your grade level from the drop down menu to only show students in your grade. Select the students in your class… and click SAVE at the bottom. These students are now in your online class! Student Info.

10 How can I encourage parents to use this at home?
Now that your students are enrolled in your online class, print out a Parent Letter to encourage participation at home. This letter contains information about the site, as well as username and password information. To print a letter for all the students, click the check box in the upper left to choose all students. From the next screen, choose Print All or Print, which only prints one. This saves paper so you only have to print Spanish letters for the students that need them.

11 I got a new kid, how do they get access?
From View Roster (Under Classes>Manage Classes) Click “Add a student” to enter details of the new student. After saving they will be on your roster.

12 How can I use SuccessNet in the classroom? (Lesson Introduction)
SuccessNet can be used as the digital version of the enVision Math program. By clicking Content>Table of Contents, teachers bring up the electronic version of the Teacher’s Edition. After choosing a Topic, teachers begin the topic with a Topic Opener. (Primary Grades get a Math Story Animation) Choosing a lesson, teachers click “Learn” and an interactive learning activity begins, the Visual Learning Bridge, where highlighted, key vocabulary can be explored by clicking the glossary icon ( ). This is available in English or Spanish, and students have home access as well.

13 How can I use SuccessNet in the classroom? (Guided Practice)
After the Visual Learning Bridge, students and teachers complete Guided Practice together, using digital manipulatives to model and solve problems. Some lessons may also have independent practice, and problem solving lessons.

14 How can I use SuccessNet in the classroom? (Quiz)
The Quiz at the end of the lesson is an assessment that is automatically graded. SuccessNet uses the student’s score to automatically assign either review, at- level, or enrichment. These are the same leveled practice pages found in the enVision program. This is handy for students that are out of town, want extra review at home or are home sick.

15 I want to assign a test. What do I do? (enVision tests)
Using SuccessNet, teachers can choose already created tests from Content>Tests, or they can create their own self-graded standards-based tests. To assign an enVision Math test, navigate to Content>Tests Here, teachers can choose from: Beginning of course test Benchmark test (enVision) Diagnosing readiness test End of year test Topic Test (most commonly used) To assign these tests, choose from the drop down menu, select go, click the test and choose Assign. You’ll then be prompted as to who you want it assigned to. Assigned tests and lessons appear in the students’ To Do lists, and can be completed at home or school.

16 I want to assign a test. What do I do? (user created)
Using a bank of standards-based questions, teachers can create own tests for students that can be printed out, or assigned through SuccessNet. To do this, teachers navigate to Planning>My Tests>Build New Test After naming the test, select your options and choose the strand(s) , standard(s), and questions that you want for your test. When you are done, you can preview your test, or assign it to students by navigating to Content>Tests>My Test to bring up your test Clicking the test allows you to assign it to students, review it, or print it out. Under the Reports tab, teachers can review test scores, standard mastery, or how the students answered the questions on the test (distracters)

17 I have a student that needs to be challenged, can I get some harder materials?
Students that need a challenge, or students that need remediation might benefit from assignments from a different grade level. To activate more grade levels for your class, you’ll need to register more products. This is accomplished by choosing: My Account> Manage Products>Add New products. Then, simply add the access code for the grade level you want (similar to when you registered). If you have a child that requires you to modify their assignments, keep in mind that you do not need to assign every lesson to every student.

18 Where can I get more help?
has a selection of videos, handouts, and recorded webinars that will help you get set with SuccessNet. Also, has videos, handouts, and webinars on enVision Math, DRA2, and Words Their Way.

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