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Partnership Moderation Meeting Wednesday 6 th February 2013.

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1 Partnership Moderation Meeting Wednesday 6 th February 2013

2 Purpose of this part of the afternoon Discuss the trainees current levels of attainment in relation to the grading criteria across the 8 Teachers Standards In doing so, develop a shared understanding of what is expected in order to satisfy each aspect of the criteria Identify strengths and targets for each trainee to build upon in the next phases of the course

3 Be prepared to justify your decisions The shadings can span 2 or more levels There is no artificial ceiling in terms of the level that can be shaded Nobody can fail at this stage Weaker students will have significant gaps in the level 3 criteria and targets which reflect this

4 Complete the summary grid so as to provide an at-a-glance picture of the trainees current attainment Its not a precise scientific procedure! There is no single summary grade at this stage Tick or cross the PART TWO box (if you feel unable to do this there will be relevant targets)

5 Strengths as well as targets Mentor and tutor could jointly agree strengths and targets or identify these independently Tutors will have an opportunity to add theirs next Thursday Mentors should discuss the TDP with each trainee before the end of this week

6 Other Things.... Please remember to sign in Travel claim forms are available at the front New selection procedures have been going very well Please inform me of any students who at current rates of progress may not be meeting the Standards by the end of the course Summer term placements >Letters should go out this week >As always, we are short of placements (KS2) >Please let me know if you are able to offer additional places


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