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Parts of a Plant (Plant Vocabulary)

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1 Parts of a Plant (Plant Vocabulary)
and Photosynthesis Parts of a plant

2 Plant Vocabulary Types of Roots
Fibrous Roots- roots that form a thick and tangled mat just under the surface of the soil. Tap Roots- a root that goes straight down so it can reach water deep underground. Prop Roots- roots that begin above ground so they can keep trees growing in loose, wet soil from being blown over by the wind Root Hairs- tiny parts of roots that take in water and minerals from the soil

3 Stem -- is the part of a plant that holds the plant up and carries food and water to other parts of the plant Xylem tubes- tubes in the stem that carry water and minerals Phloem tubes- tubes in the plant stem that carry food made in leaves to other parts of the plant

4 Leaves -- a plant part that is the “food factory” of the plant Chlorophyll- a pigment that helps plants use light energy to make sugar Chloroplasts- the parts in leaf cells where the food-making process takes place

5 Photosynthesis photo means “light” synthesis means “putting together”
……the process by which green plants are able to use energy from the sun to make food from carbon dioxide, water, sunlight and chlorophyll.

6 You need to know this! CO2 = Carbon Dioxide H20 = Water O2 = Oxygen Glucose = Sugar Chlorophyll = change light energy to chemical energy




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