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What Vascular Plant Parts Do

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1 What Vascular Plant Parts Do
Chapter 4 Section 1

2 All plants have three parts in common:
Common Parts All plants have three parts in common: #1-roots #2-stems #3-leaves

3 What do roots do? #1-Act as anchors
#2-take in water or nutrients from the soil through tiny parts called root hairs. #3-some store food for the plant

4 How do roots adapt to different environments
#1-prop roots: tree roots that begin above the ground. They help trees that grow in loose, wet soil from being blown over by the wind. #2-fiberous roots: form a thick and tangled mat just under the surface of the soil. They prevent soil erosion by wind and water because they anchor the soil as well as the plant. #3-taproots: a single, thick root reach water that is deep in the ground and store food. #4-rainforest plants: these grow in high branches in the trees. Their roots attach themselves to the trees and take moisture from the air.

5 Rainforest plant

6 Plant Man Marvel Comic super villain Trivia

7 Storage Roots What do they store and why?
#1-Food #2-Water In good weather plants store excess food and water in their roots or stems.

8 #1-beets #2-carrots #3-sweet potatoes #4-turnips
Types of storage roots #1-beets #2-carrots #3-sweet potatoes #4-turnips

9 What do stems do? #1-hold up the plant
#2-hold up the leaves so that they will be in sunlight #3-Carry water and food to other parts of the plant.

10 Poison Ivy DC Comic Super Villain Trivia

11 Real poison ivy

12 trunk They support, or stem, of large plants, such as bushes and trees.

13 xylem Tubes that transport water and nutrients . They move water and nutrients upward, from the roots to the leaves.

14 phloem The tubes that carry food. They move the food made in the leaves to other parts of the plant.

15 Leaves Leaves use water and nutrients from the soil , carbon dioxide from the air, and energy from sunlight to make food.

16 photosynthesis The food making process that produces oxygen, which the plants release into the air.

17 chlorophyll Helps plants use light energy to produce sugars.
It gives leaves their color.

18 chloroplasts Cells which are full of chlorophyll. The food making process takes place inside the chloroplasts.

19 stomata Tiny holes in the leaves where carbon dioxide enters and oxygen and water leave it.

20 The End

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