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Data services on the NGS.

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1 Data services on the NGS

2 2 Acknowledgments Matt Ford for OGSA-DAI and Oracle slides taken from his presentations for the NGS Induction Workshop (Dec. 2004, NeSC) Peter Berrisford for SRB slides

3 3 Overview OGSA-DAI: database access and integration –grid-enabled database access…. GridFTP: a protocol for large file transfer The Storage Resource Broker: –virtual file system for distributed file systems –Replica files in different locations, catalogue service to find them. But first….

4 4 Oracle and the NGS The NGS core nodes, from the outset, have been partitioned into compute and data clusters. As the NGS matures the requirement for data hosting will grow Oracle database: for both users and services offered by the NGS. The RAL and Manchester sites are designated as the data clusters with each site having the ability to dedicate up to eight nodes for use by Oracle.

5 5 Support Additional application needed after joining the NGS All enquiries and production support for the Oracle service is via the Grid Operations Support Centre (GOSC)GOSC –9-5 Operational support (monitoring, notification, maintenance) other times best endeavours basis. Oracle and the NGS


7 7 What is OGSA-DAI? The Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration project is concerned with constructing middleware to assist with access and integration of data from separate data sources via the grid. The project was conceived by the UK Database Task Force and is working closely with the Global Grid Forum DAIS-WG and the Globus team.

8 8 OGSA-DAI and the NGS the OGSA-DAI deployment on the NGS is being actively developed users should expect that procedures may change – it does not reflect the commitment NGS has to providing a service. Initially the Manchester JISC data cluster has been charged with deploying the OGSA-DAI service

9 9 OGSA-DAI practical

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