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Neil Geddes CCLRC Head of e-Science Director of the UK Grid Operations Support Centre 1.The vision Thing, recent history and Organisation 2.Roles and Relationships.

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1 Neil Geddes CCLRC Head of e-Science Director of the UK Grid Operations Support Centre 1.The vision Thing, recent history and Organisation 2.Roles and Relationships with others GOSC, NGS, GSC, EGEE/LCG, GRIDPP, OMII, ETF 3.Where we want to go next

2 The Vision Thing This UK Grid Operation Support Centre is a distributed virtual centre providing deployment and operations support for the UK e-Science programme. The centre is a collaboration of CCLRC, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh and the White Rose Grid at the University of Leeds. The core of the GOSC is built around operation of the National Grid Service (NGS). The GOSC will support UK services for user authentication, user authorization and project organization, credential management, resource discovery, access portals to facilitate collaborative research and resource sharing across the UK and internationally. The principal roles of the GOSC (as defined in the original call) include: –Middleware deployment –Central grid service support –General User support and helpdesk –Network services –Grid Security –User and Administrator support –Interoperability and collaboration with international projects, e.g. EGEE and TeraGrid

3 NGS Today Projects e-Minerals e-Materials Orbital Dynamics of Galaxies Bioinformatics (using BLAST) GEODISE project UKQCD Singlet meson project Census data analysis MIAKT project e-HTPX project. RealityGrid (chemistry) Users Leeds Oxford UCL Cardiff Southampton Imperial Liverpool Sheffield Cambridge Edinburgh QUB BBSRC CCLRC. Interfaces OGSI::LiteWSRF::Lite

4 Tomorrow Web Services based National Grid Infrastructure

5 U of A HPCxHPCx UofD GOSC NGS Core Nodes: Host core services, coordinate integration, deployment and support +free to access resources for all VOs. Monitored interfaces + services NGS Sites: Integrated with NGS, some services/resources available for all VOs Monitored interfaces + services NGS Connected Sites: Integrated with NGS, support for some VOs Monitored interfaces (+security etc.) RAL Oxford Leeds Man. CSARCSAR U of B U of C Commercial Provider PSRE

6 UK e-Infrastructure LHC ISIS TS2 HPCx + HECtoR Regional and Campus grids Users get common access, tools, information, Nationally supported services, through NGS Integrated internationally VRE, VLE, IE

7 UK Core e-Science programme - Situation Today * Leeds Manchester * * Oxford RAL * Level-2 Grid National Grid Service * DL

8 The Future According to Hey NGSNGS UK Grid Operations Support Centre

9 ETF Audit Board Management Board Steering Committee Director GOSC Operations Board Operations Manager/ Technical Director Development Manager TRAINING Operations Board Security NGS Networking GOC GSC USERS

10 GOSC Roles UK Grid Services National Services Authentication, authorisation, certificate management, VO management, security, network monitoring, help desk + support centre. NGS Services Job submission, simple registry, data transfer, data access and integration, resource brokering, monitoring and accounting, grid management services, workflow, notification, operations centre. NGS core-node Services CPU, (meta-) data storage, key software Services to be coordinated with others (eg OMII, NeSC, LCG): Integration testing, compatibility & Validation Tests, User Management, training Administration: Policies and acceptable use SLAs, SLDs Coordinate deployment and Operations

11 SRB service OGSA-DAI service

12 Grid Operations Centre Responsibilities in EGEE UK focused screen UKERNA work to be integrated

13 Authentication, authorisation, certificate management, VO management, security. Helpdesk FAQ

14 One Stop Shop Click for help

15 UK Campus and other Grids GOSC + ETF Core of GOSC built around experience in deploying and running National Grid Service (NGS) –Support service Important to coordinate and integrate this with deployment and operations work in EGEE, LCG and similar projects. –e.g. EGEE – low level services, CA, GOC, CERT... Focus on deployment and operations, NOT development. OMII ETF NGS Other software sources Software with proven capability & realistic deployment experience Gold services Prototypes & specifications Feedback & future requirements EGEE… Deployment/testing/advice Operations

16 ETF Registry –A freely available UDDI implementation has been deployed/tested between 4 sites –Experience passed on to the GRIMOIRES OMII project. Secure Flocking of Condor –Condor pools at 4 sites have been flocked together, through firewalls –authentication through use of X.509 certifcates –OMII test bed Portals –Support access to the NGS. –Tied in with JISC VRE developments Evaluations –InnerGrid - Contractual issues delayed start - just started. –OMII – Start later this month –GT4 – Start later this month –gLite – start next month


18 LCG Used for batch production Now. worldwide de facto standards Currently trying to interface analysis S/W on top of gLite from EGEE Need to move out of the physics depts

19 GRIDPP UK Contribution to LCG –Also supports current users GridPP1 (2001-2004) –33% deployment/operations –33% middleware dev. –33% applications GridPP2 (2004-2007) –60% deployment/operations LCG2 -> EGEE –15% middleware dev. –25% applications Not just PPARC funding –Universities support LHC benefit from grid experience You should know/meet these people

20 Start from LCG2 Harden middleware Expand applications 32 from EU –The EU Grid Infrastructure –50% deployment/operations –lots at CERN matched by PP UK + I –training –GOC dev + ops –regional deployment+support T2 coordinators

21 Stuff We Dont Do Run a repository Develop software –contribute to developments to influence/adapt cf Ive got one of those you can have. You just need to … (Training – Edinburgh/NeSC are part of GOSC) Extensive user hand-holding and app support –Need the e-Science Centres –Priorities will be driven by users

22 How do I Join ? Acceptable use and Security policies Install required interfaces (~EGEE) –VDT –EGEE CE and SE interfaces (and Authorisation) –Monitoring and accounting Provide services as defined in your own SLD –Buys you representation at the board (?)

23 Core services to facilitate collaborative (grid) computing – run by GOSC Authentication (PKI X509) Job submission/batch service Resource brokering Authorisation Virtual Organisation management Certificate management Information service Data access/integration services (SRB/OGSA-DAI/DQPS) National Registry (of registrys) Data replication Data caching Grid monitoring Accounting UK e-Science Cert. gsi-ssh, globus-job-submit, condorG EDG-RB VOM/VOMS VOMS (+Grid3/EGEE) myProxy(++) BDII/Glue ? ETF ? ? EGEE ? EGEE/LCG + ETF +TeraGrid EGEE/LCG/ETF/GGF Web Services interfaces

24 Where Next? Make the NGS work –Resource Broker/scheduler –VO/Project support –Monitoring and Accounting Compatibility with EGEE Define and agree criteria for success Web Services National e-Infrastructure –Science and Innovation strategy 2004-2014

25 Timeline Q2Q4Q2Q3Q1Q4Q3Q2Q1Q3 2004 2006 2005 EGEE gLite alpha release gLite release 1 OMII release NGS Expansion (Bristol, Cardiff…) OGSA-DAI WS plan NGS Production Service NGS WS Service EGEE gLite release OMII Release NGS Expansion WS2 plan NGS WS Service 2

26 The Last Slide We are in the game of providing a service –built on leading edge academic stuff ! The challenge –not the latest and greatest grid –not what any given user wants The solution –want to make it work for our researchers for our institutions –one site will not make a useful grid Sign people/users up (to the vision) –get out more

27 The End

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