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NGS Experimental OGSA-DAI Service. What is OGSA-DAI? The Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration project is concerned with constructing.

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1 NGS Experimental OGSA-DAI Service

2 What is OGSA-DAI? The Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration project is concerned with constructing middleware to assist with access and integration of data from separate data sources via the grid. It is engaged in identifying the requirements, designing solutions and delivering software that will meet this purpose. The project was conceived by the UK Database Task Force and is working closely with the Global Grid Forum DAIS-WG and the Globus team.

3 OGSA-DAI and the NGS The NGS core nodes, from the outset, have been partitioned into compute and data clusters. As the NGS matures and the requirement for data hosting grows within and outside of the user community; it is in the remit of the data clusters to address these needs, moreover to do it within a grid-architecture. OGSA-DAI as described above will help to satisfy these needs. The term experimental is used to indicate that the OGSA-DAI deployment on the NGS is being actively developed and users should expect that procedures may change – it does not reflect the commitment NGS has to providing a service. Initially the Manchester JISC data cluster has been charged with deploying the OGSA-DAI service (and has dedicated 1/10 of the cluster to do so) as demand increases and processes are refined deployment to other sites is expected This is one of the first attempts to provide a consistent, persistent, OGSA-DAI service hosting environment for use to a diverse community.

4 Overview of Experimental Service Hardware and OS Two nodes of the Manchester Cluster are dedicated to the OGSA-DAI service, each has: Dual CPU Intel 3.06 GHz nodes (Supermicro motherboard) 4GB Memory per node 2x120GB IDE disks (1 boot, 1 data – with local scratch around 100GB) Both nodes are running Redhat Enterprise 3. Installed Software Core middleware OGSA-DAI 4.0 Globus 3.2 Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.30 Apache Ant 1.6.2 Junit3.8.1 Back-end software Sun Java1.4.2-05 Oracle RAC

5 Operational Model The working model for the service is three phase: Testing –This phase is for initial development of the OGSA-DAI service. The user is expected to have a suitable environment for OGSA-DAI service development and access to the data resources necessary. It may be the case that the data resource is hosted by the NGS. Pre-production –This phase is a pre-cursor to the next. Once a user is satisfied that their OGSA-DAI service is production ready it can be hosted on the NGS. The deployed service will undergo acceptance testing for migration into production. Services hosted in this phase may still talk to the resources within the user environment. Also services should expect shorter uptimes and interruptions to operations as other projects deploy and stabilise. Production –At this point a services installation is clearly defined and stable, modifications to services have to be made at pre-defined at risk periods

6 Operational Model

7 Using the Service - Whats required of the User? Access to the NGS Development platform for OGSA-DAI Data resource (secure access to a reference database hosted on the NGS is being investigated for new developers) Completion of OGSA-DAI access form Proposed authentication/authorisation method to the service for review by the NGS Primary contact for a service that is in full production. Policy regarding authentication/authorisation is currently under discussion with the NGS technical board.

8 Using the Service- What Users can expect Obtaining access For deployment a lightweight form needs to be completed by a user to capture the requirements of the service and provide the NGS admins with detail necessary to plan deployment. The form is split into five core areas. Brief desription of service Data resources to be used Estimated initial usage Authentication/Authorisation methods Other requirements The form is available from the NGS OGSA-DAI website and should be submitted to GOSC. Technical Details For a detailed information on the OGSA-DAI installation on the NGS users can refer to NGS OGSADAI Install & Configuration.NGS OGSADAI Install & Configuration

9 Using the Service- What Users can expect Pre-deployment Phase Best endeavours coordination of service deployment by NGS OGSA- DAI administrator. Monitoring of deployed service for impact on resources and stability. This at present is as simple as making sure Tomcat doesnt crash and we see no memory/thread leaks as a result of deployment. Limited access (via gsissh) to the server (only to the users own files) in order to troubleshoot and make modifications to the service. A weeks cool down period after user and admin are happy service is ready for full deployment. Only developers and admins will have access to the pre-deployment service with access controlled by the firewall. Deployment Phase Full change control regarding the OGSA-DAI service. All changes and additions are to occur at a regularly defined at risk period. (09:30 to 12:30 each Wednesday) Monitoring and automated notification of outages. The service will be open to the world subject to users chosen authentication method. Service Details

10 Using the Service- What Users can expect Support All enquiries and production support for the experimental OGSA-DAI service is via the Grid Operations Support Centre (GOSC).GOSC The initial deployment phase will have direct support from NGS OGSA-DAI admins. The NGS is developing a working relation with the OGSA-DAI team. OGSA-DAI to NGS liaison officers have been established to further this relationship (Amy Krause from OGSA-DAI and Matt Ford from the NGS).

11 Case Studies Convert Grid Convert Grid website Work in progressConvert Grid website Reference Service OGSA-DAI little black book test database has been installed and made available to all. The case study shows: Database creation through to deployment on production. Example completion of all necessary forms. Highlights tests and some of the tools used. Note: GSI authentication is proving to be tricky

12 Future Development Process and Procedure The current deployment processes and access procedures are not fixed. As the service matures and users needs are better understood, all processes will be subject to review. Technical Upgrade to OGSA-DAI 5 Review deploying OGSA-DAI as an out-of- process add-on to apache. i.e., via apache+mod_ssl+mod_jk2. Motivation is to check stability/scalability/performance. DQP

13 Supporting Documentation Initial RFC for NGS Experimental Service OGSA-DAI Installation and Configuration Guide Oracle database request form OGSA-DAI deployment request form

14 Useful Links The home of OGSA- DAI - lots of documents and tutorials covering the whole of sSecurityCode - Very useful information on Globus 3 sSecurityCode 5/guide/axis.html - Apache AXIS and GSI install 5/guide/axis.html

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