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UK-Brazil urban research network Oxford Workshop 9-11 March 2011 UK-Brazil Urban Research Network.

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1 UK-Brazil urban research network Oxford Workshop 9-11 March 2011 UK-Brazil Urban Research Network

2 Main Aim Seed funding from University of Oxford – Future of Cities Programme Develop a network to explore and understand the challenges posed to urban governance by contemporary processes of globalization and climate change and to share knowledge and expertise about how to meet these Focus on governance and urban equity Consolidate and expand links between UK and Brazil institutions facilitated through Brookes and UFABC Develop a broader network for exchange of ideas, sharing experiences and co-production of knowledge

3 Initial Main Themes Urban economic restructuring and urban competitiveness Urban governance Climate change and environmental planning Patterns of agglomeration and local economies Interface of globalization and urban governance for mediating conflicting demands of global and local circuits of development and emerging flexible governance for urban futures

4 Keeping it real – Focusing on live/recent projects Multiscalar governance and territorial reorganisation Metropolitan governance and urban regeneration Urban transport and mobility National climate change policy and cities Integration of environmental and urban policy Governance of water management Land markets and housing provision Expanding in future

5 Main methods Workshops On-line discussion forum 12 months time line beginning 4 th may 2010 Intensive last 3-4 months to produce outputs Envisaged that the collaborations between all partners involved will continue after May 2011 Participation policy Academics and professionals but

6 Outputs Papers Possibility for special issue of IJUSD Bringing existing work together to make a contribution to the debate Proposals – ESRC, EU, IAD Future research agenda Network report On-line discussion platform

7 Oxford Workshop Presentations on selected main themes Discussions and brainstorming for refining themes Refining future research strategy Identifying specific research projects Work plan and working groups for finalising outputs

8 Main Research questions What are the main characteristics, drivers and limitations of the initiative under consideration? How do these initiatives relate to the main concern of this network for enabling governance for sustainable and flexible urban futures? Does governance actually matter in the success or failure of these initiatives? If it does then what are the emerging forms and patterns of governance that are most effective for developing and implementing policies for economic growth, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and poverty alleviation? What other actions or interventions can governments (at different levels), private sector and civil society actors make to facilitate more sustainable and flexible urban futures in the fields under consideration? What are the key transferable or informative lessons for consideration across each country? What are the conceptual and theoretical insights that can be drawn from exploring these issues across both countries? What are the key issues in each field that would need to be developed as part of a broader research agenda for addressing the main objectives of this network?

9 Thank you

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