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Types of Child Abuse Physical Abuse

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1 Types of Child Abuse Physical Abuse
Is when a child is physically injured by any person caring for them. It is also when a person caring for the child knowingly fails to prevent an injury.

2 Physical signs of Physical Abuse
Unexplained bruising in places where an injury cannot easily be explained Facial bruising Hand or finger marks or pressure bruising Bite marks Burns (particularly cigarette burns), scalds Unexplained fractures Lacerations

3 Emotional signs of Physical Abuse
Afraid or anxious Unable to trust others a lot of the time Poor self-esteem Lacking in confidence Emotionally withdrawn Depressed Sleep disturbance Feeling angry and frustrated

4 Behavioural Indicators of Physical Abuse
Withdrawn or aggressive behaviour Vandalism Unresponsive to others Self harming behaviours Inability to take initiative Sudden changes in behaviour, e.g. from extrovert to introvert

5 Cognitive Signs of Physical Abuse
Speech or language delay Doesn’t talk at all even though able to Unable to concentrate Lack of problem solving ability Poor achievement at school

6 Types of Child Abuse Sexual Abuse
Is when a person involves a child under the age of consent in any activity that leads to the sexual gratification of that adult. This often includes physical contact such as rape but can also include taking pornographic photographs.

7 Physical Indicators of Sexual Abuse
Marks or bruising around genital area Pain or itching in the genital area Urinary tract infections Not meeting developmental milestones Torn, stained or bloody underclothes Bedwetting, sleep disturbances Loss of appetite

8 Behavioural and Emotional Indicators of Sexual Abuse
Hints of sexual activity through words, play, drawings, etc. Informed knowledge of sexual behaviour Excessive crying Feeding problems Anxious or fretful about things Intense fear of the dark Poor self-esteem

9 Types of Child Abuse Emotional Abuse
Is when a child’s basic emotional needs are not being met and this has an effect on their behaviour and development. This can include being constantly ridiculed, criticised or threatened.

10 Behavioural and Emotional Signs of Emotional Abuse
Attention seeking Withdrawn Telling lies Inability to have fun Low self-esteem Unable to trust people Tantrums past age of normal development Constantly trying to please Inability to play Poor bonding with parents/carers

11 Physical and Cognitive Signs of Emotional Abuse
Poor physical development Illness Signs of physical abuse Language delay Poor concentration span Difficulties in problem solving

12 Types of Child Abuse Physical Neglect
Is when someone caring for a child persistently exposes that child to danger or persistently fails to fulfil the child’s basic needs and results in health or developmental problems. Neglect also includes non-organic failure to thrive. This is a medical diagnosis of lack of development in a child where there is no physical or organic cause, such as illness, to account for it.

13 Physical Indicators of Physical Neglect
Poor hygiene Inadequately clothed Untreated medical problems Poor nourishment/always hungry Regular infections Poor motor skills and co-ordination Delay in growth

14 Behavioural and Emotional Signs of Physical Neglect
Listless and inactive Poor play skills Doesn’t show excitement Excessively seeks adult approval Depressed Anxious Feels inferior to peers

15 Cognitive Indicators of Physical Neglect
Language and speech delay Poor concentration skills Lack of basic problem solving skills Delay in development

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