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Child Abuse and Neglect Your role as a mandated reporter.

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1 Child Abuse and Neglect Your role as a mandated reporter

2 Teacher Certification and Tenure  ILLINOIS: Teacher's certificate may be revoked or suspended for immorality, health condition detrimental to students, incompetence, unprofessional conduct, neglect of duty, willful failure to report CHILD ABUSE, conviction of certain sex or narcotics offenses, or other just cause. Teachers may be dismissed on similar grounds.CHILD ABUSE

3 The Law  On July 1, 1986, a law was passed requiring all Mandated Reporters sign a statement on a DCFS form certifying that they understand their mandated reporting requirements. This law is called the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA).  If you work in any of these jobs and you have not signed this form, please contact your supervisor. It is a LEGAL requirement that this signed form be in your personnel file.

4 On-line training for mandated reporters  

5 Four Key Criteria for a Child Abuse or Neglect Report 1. The alleged victim is under the age of 18.alleged victim 2. The alleged perpetrator is any individual residing in the child's home, any person responsible for the child's welfare, or anyone who came to know the child through a position of trust.perpetrator 3. A specific incident or specific set of circumstances raises suspicion that a child has been abused or neglected. 4. The child was harmed or is at substantial risk of physical or sexual injury.

6 3 types of abuse and neglect  Physical  Sexual  Neglect

7 Physical Abuse Keys Red Flags When anyone responsible for the child’s welfare: 1. Inflicts or allows someone to inflict a physical injury to a child 2. Creates a substantial risk of physical harm to the child 3. Deliberately inflicts physical or mental pain on a child 4. Inflicts excessive Corporal Punishment 5. Exposes child to or forces child to use illicit drugs  Unexplained marks  Bruises or welts in various stages of healing or in clusters  Pattern burns  Marks hidden from typically exposed skin  Behavioral changes such as extreme vigilance or watchfulness, bullying smaller children, poor social skills, extreme fear of caregiver

8 Sexual Abuse Keys Red Flags When a parent or caregiver commits any of the following acts: 1. Sexual penetration 2. Sexual molestation 3. Sexual exploitation  Sexual knowledge beyond what is age appropriate  Recurring pain or itching in genital area  STD  Frequent urinary or bladder infections  Unexplained regression or fear  Sexual acting out behavior

9 Neglect Minimum Parenting Standards Red Flags Require: 1. Adequate supervision 2. Medical care and attention 3. Food 4. Clothing 5. Shelter May include taking drugs during pregnancy, having child present when methamphetamines are manufactured, refusal to get medical care 1. Hungry in the morning 2. Poor hygiene 3. Evidence of no or poor supervision 4. Underweight, poor growth, failure to thrive 5. Dressed inappropriately for weather 6. Erratic attendance at school

10 WHAT IS NOT CHILD ABUSE or NEGLECT? Certain sexual behaviors in children are normal and age appropriate: Children who are curious about their own bodies Preschool children who giggle while touching their bodies in an exploratory manner Children of the same age and developmental stage who are curious about and explore each other's bodies

11 Certain family circumstances are not considered abusive or neglectful :  Spanking that is not "excessive corporal punishment" because it does not leave marks or injuries  A dirty home that is not hazardous  An older child left home alone who is capable of caring for himself  A child left in the care of an adult relative who has often cared for the child in the past, even if the parent has not made an arrangement for child care.  A newborn dropped off within 7 days after birth at a designated safe haven.

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