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“It’s Everyone’s Job to make Sure I’m Alright” Protecting Children.

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1 “It’s Everyone’s Job to make Sure I’m Alright” Protecting Children

2 Key Learning Points Raise awareness what child abuse is and the five categories of abuse. Introduce signs and symptoms of child abuse. Be aware of how to respond to a child. Be aware of the procedures to be followed when abuse is suspected/identified

3 The Council is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults. All employees have a responsibility to support this commitment Why are we focused on Child Protection?

4 The Children Scotland Act 1995 The needs of the child are paramount Each child has the right to protection from all forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation. R

5 Number of Children on Child Protection Register

6 Children on Child Protection Register at 31 st March 2008

7 % of Abuse by category by area

8 What is Child Abuse? “ Children may be in need of protection where their basic needs are not being met, in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development, and they will be at risk through avoidable acts of commission or omission.” Protecting Children: A Shared Responsibility, 1998

9 Child Abuse Types Physical InjuryPhysical Neglect Sexual Abuse Emotional Abuse Non-organic Failure to thrive Basic need for food, warmth Safety, education & medical attention This is when a child is hurt or injured. Includes hitting Etc other ways of inflicting pain, Or injury eg toxic substances Denying love, affection, constantly Threaten or humiliate, degrading punishments Rubbishing etc Child is used sexually, Kissing, touching, intercourse Encouraging child to look at pornography Children who significantly fail to reach normal developmental milestones

10 Behavioural indicators Physical indicators Frequently dirty, hungry or inadequately dressed Left in unsafe situations or without medical attention Constantly put down, insulted or sworn at. Seems afraid or parents / carers Unexplained bruising in soft tissue areas, black eyes, repeated injuries Burns, scalds & bites Marks from implements Injuries to the mouth Inconsistent stories about the injuries Inappropriate sexual awareness Domestic violence in the home Drug alcohol abuse in the home Unexplained changes in behaviour Difficulty in making friends Distrustful of adults Excessive attachment to adults Reluctance to go home Reluctance to remove clothing Change in attendance pattern BUT

11 If you have a concern…….

12 Any concerns about the well being of a child need to be shared. No matter how good we are at evaluating and assessing matters to do with children we cannot evaluate and assess potential risks as we only know a tiny part of the whole picture. We must share our concerns with the Child Protection Co-ordinator at the school, (the Head Teacher or Senior staff, Mentor) No single individual can protect children by acting alone (Safe and Well 2005) Observe, Record, Report

13 Responding to the Child Stay calm. Listen.  Do not promise to keep secrets.  Reassure the child that they were not to blame and have done the right thing in telling you  Do not ask questions  Follow procedures

14 What Exists to help you ? Designated staff in each establishment Child Protection Coordinator Head Teacher Mentor Training Procedures “ Protecting Children and YP in Aberdeenshire” School Procedures NESCPC Guidance

15 Making Notes Factual, Accurate Timely Behaviour & emotional state Comments Confidential Sign and Date Signs of Physical Injury Your Actions

16 Responding to Child Protection Concerns “ If a member of staff has any concerns relating to a child At risk from any form of abuse, the following procedure Must be followed “ “Protecting Children and Young People in Aberdeenshire” Hard copies issued to all establishments Can be accessed on

17 Responding to Child Protection Concerns Concerns about a child? Discuss with CP Coordinator, Mentor Head Teacher Or senior member of staff If concerns immediate & you cannot make contact Possible concern about a child Observe, Record, Report

18 What if I’m Wrong ? You can only know what you know Its everyone’s job to make sure I’m alright Raise the concern with staff at the school Protecting your relationship with a family or individual is never an option where there are child protection concerns. The welfare of the child is always paramount. Treat all children and young people with respect Ensure your conduct is a good example to children


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