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Research Within The NHS Prof Alison MacLeod Director Research & Development.

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1 Research Within The NHS Prof Alison MacLeod Director Research & Development

2 NHS Research NHS recognises that research is one of its front line activities. Encourages staff to take part using NHS resources including salary costs.

3 Research in NHS co-ordinated by the Chief Scientist Office – CSO an office of the Scottish Executive.

4 NHS Resource Currently used in approximately 600 non commercially funded projects 150 commercially funded projects Majority of projects linking universities and NHS

5 R&D Support Fund from Scottish Executive via Chief Scientist Office (CSO) to NHSG 2005/06 non commercial research brought in £6.9 million to NHS Grampian Not research grant money

6 Support Fund Funding for infrastructure – staff time – overheads – clinic use – pharmacy Divided into: Support for Science Priorities and Needs Programmes

7 Support for Science calculated in a formula number of Principle Investigators / Applicants on grant applications number of staff on ethics form who are paid by NHSG amount rises or falls according to activity grants must be awarded by eligible funders as defined by CSO

8 Priorities and Needs Programmes same formula but from non-eligible funders – external funders not on list – local funding eg NHS endowments – own account fixed sum – may rise or even be removed must focus with strategy NHSG – 10 programmes

9 Priorities and Needs Programmes in NHS Grampian 1. Imaging 2. Molecular basis of Oncogenesis/Molecular Epidemiology 3. Metabolic Structural Bone Disease 4. Molecular Medicine and Immunity 5. Disease and the Environment 6. Evaluation of Therapy and Management 7.Influencing Change in Practice and User/Care Involvement 8. Mental Health 9. Energy Regulation and Obesity 10. Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

10 United Kingdom Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Involves 23 organisations in the UK Government –Department of Health –Medical Research Council –Chief Scientist Office Industry Medical Charities

11 Why? NHS should be the perfect environment in which to carry out high quality clinical research for the benefit of patients Seems harder than it needs to be

12 UKCRC – Co-ordinating Body developing NHS infrastructure co-ordinating clinical research funding co-ordinating and developing research career pathways streamlining the regulatory and governance processes Igniting our potential

13 Research Networks Diabetes –Dr Donald Pearson Medicines for Children –Prof Peter Helms Stroke –Dr Mary Joan MacLeod Mental Health

14 Chief Scientist Office requested bids for infrastructure funding To support additional eligibly funded research only

15 NHSG Granted ~£2M Over 3 Years Real money –Research nurses –Imaging –Laboratory services –Administrative support –Statistical support

16 Appropriate Project? Contact Research Facilitator Ext: 55847

17 Good Clinical Practice course run in September plans to run more Research Governance states all those involved in research also have a duty to ensure that they and those they manage are appropriated qualified, both by education and experience, for the role they play in relation to any research

18 Research Governance Standards The organisation has systems in place: To ensure that consumers are involved in the development and execution of research projects. To identify the involvement of consumers in research. To inform service users and members of the public about research undertaken within the organisation.

19 Monitoring minimum of 10% non-commercial research two part-time research monitors random selection of projects aim to reassure researchers with regards to compliance with regulations

20 Contact Non Commercial –Ext 52687 Commercial Medicines Assessment Research Unit (MARU) –Ext 53096

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