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Carers Research Partnership Carers Research Partnership Building on Success.

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1 Carers Research Partnership Carers Research Partnership Building on Success

2 Carers Research Partnership Milestones for the Carers Research Partnership Feb 1999:1st Meeting Dec 2000:Application to Lloyds TSB Foundation April 2001:Funding from Lloyds TSB Foundation Oct 2001:Appointment of P/T Administrator (Peter Blackledge) Getting started

3 Carers Research Partnership Milestones for the Carers Research Partnership Feb 2002:Grant from GUHT Endowments (Carer involvement orthopaedic patients) Sept 2002:Scottish NHS Research Day (Involving patients and carers in research design) March 2002:MS Carers Research Feedback Oct 2002:Start orthopaedic research project Nov 2002:Funding from Carers Strategy Monies Consolidating

4 Carers Research Partnership Milestones for the Carers Research Partnership March 2003:Application to PPP on Carers Health March 2003:Proposal to MacMillan (Carers Project) The Future?

5 Carers Research Partnership The Context 1999Strategy for Carers in Scotland 2000Joint Futures for Carers Project (Coalition of Carers in Scotland/Carers Scotland) 2001Patient Focus & Public Involvement (Scottish Executive) 2002Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act - Carers assessment in own right - Carer information strategies

6 Carers Research Partnership Main aims of the Carers Research Partnership To provide a forum to: share ideas and information collate and disseminate relevant research findings identify gaps in research and set priorities for new work seek funding to profess new research to meet needs ensure relevant and appropriate information

7 Carers Research Partnership Objectives for Lloyds TSB 1Timely dissemination of relevant research to carers and carer organisations 2Systematic methods for engaging with carers to determine research priorities 3Obtain funding for at least one jointly developed research project 4Ensure research findings available to inform health & social care strategies for carers 5Facilitate communication through.... - website: - bulletins -annual report

8 Carers Research Partnership Steering Group Aberdeen City Council Social Work Department Age Concern VSA Carers Centre Carer and cared for Grampian University Hospitals NHS Trust Grampian Primary Care NHS Trust The Robert Gordon University

9 Carers Research Partnership PPP Application PPP Older People Programme (defer entry to hospital or long term care) Title: Carers Count : Identifying carers health needs, involving them in health and social care decision making and improving support services

10 Carers Research Partnership to identify appropriate methods of maintaining the health of carers to make recommendations on how infrastructures, processes and practices within health and social care can be designed to best meet the health needs of carers Aims

11 Carers Research Partnership If carers of older people can be supported so as to maintain their own health, they are more likely to be able to support the person they care for and so avoid or delay hospitalisation or admission to long term care Premise

12 Carers Research Partnership Carry out survey of carers support workers Set up network of all organisations with an interest in carers health & carers involvement in healthcare decision making Survey of health living centres/networks in Scotland (42) initiatives with focus on carers Investigate use of helplines by carers, eg NHS 24, The Samaritans, MS Society 50 one-to-one interviews with carers Focus groups with health & social care professionals Main Activities

13 Carers Research Partnership Action - Research data collection, analysis and interpretation Guiding principles increase knowledge and understanding achieve improvements in practice Approach

14 Carers Research Partnership The Future 5th Anniversary : February 2004

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