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Multi Agency Safeguarding A Good Practice Framework for London.

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1 Multi Agency Safeguarding A Good Practice Framework for London


3 Hackney Partnership Triage What did we want? A whole family approach to safeguarding No wasted information Democratisation of safeguarding

4 Hackney Partnership Triage What did we find? Some knowledge/service gaps Need for specialised staff training Need for common understanding of risk and vulnerability Right people are key

5 Hackney Partnership Triage Where are we going? One Front Door Checks for gang links, MAT, Partnership Panel, PSRs Involvement of health visitors, midwives and GPs Involvement of probation


7 The vision to identify and make safe at the earliest opportunity all vulnerable people in our communities through the sharing of information and intelligence across the safeguarding partnership

8 Why develop the MASH General acceptance, nationally and locally that poor information sharing was a problem. –Lord Lamings recommendations resulting from the Victoria Climbié case –Lessons from serious case reviews –Outcomes from Devons Safeguarding Childrens Board multi-agency audits

9 MASH – Why and what for MASH was established to; Early identification and understanding of risk (Children and adults) Victim identification and intervention Harm identification and reduction through analysis Enable resources to be targeted against true harm.

10 What MASH does in Devon Manages Police Child Concern referrals Contact and referrals to Early Years and Families Liaison with Early Response Service to meet Childrens Social Care needs that do not require a social care assessment at level 3. Identifies harm to individuals and in communities

11 MASH Police Education ProbationYouth Offending Team Health & Mental Health Childrens Social Services Early Years Decision Social Care Manager 121aEnquiry from public s.47s.17 CAF/ ERS Info only Enquiry from professional MASH Enquiry Triaging

12 What Now? Developing analysis to identify harm and vulnerability by Individual, family and location Recurring re-enquiries! Camerons 120000 most needy children. MASH Family Profiles meeting. Early Intervention – Do we target the right families? Do they consent to services? Consent vs service redesign? Currently working to develop links with –MARAC, MAPPA, IOM, Missing Children investigation and intervention, ASB, Teenage pregnancy, prevent pathways

13 This preliminary work has identified themes for development and implementation… …each theme has good practice identified, which can be shared to build a common process Communication and Risk Assessment Front door for Childrens Services Co-location of professionals to identify risk and manage interventions Co-locate professionals to manage problems Consideration of Adults Increased benefits and outcomes for vulnerable people

14 Common process for London: Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub Key steps needed for success: Process for London, incorporating good practice themes into a common process Front door for all child referrals Co-located professionals and data to identify risk – building the full picture on the child Firewall – allows the necessary tension between privacy and sharing information for safety to be exercised in a secure environment. Ownership of information retained by the each agency. Encourages Health to share Decision making process based on the full picture – better targeting of resources to those most in need. Problem solving the causes of vulnerability Streamlines services, reduces duplication Potential adult pathway

15 MASH thematic CYPS Referral Police referral Co-located PPD Build full picture Assess the risk Decide best intervention Intervention to best solve problem Front door Adult Pathway Sutton MASH Co-located, social work led multi agency team MASH Co-located, social work led multi agency team Westminster Croydon Westminster Croydon Islington Tower Hamlets Islington Tower Hamlets Lambeth Barnet Lambeth Barnet Haringey Hackney Haringey Hackney firewall

16 London Nationally Next Steps:

17 initial risk assessment/enquiries Police CYPSHealth Mental Health EducationProbation Others? DECISION By statutory manager sanitised assessed product NFAFor info Action hand off to the most appropriate agency firewall CYPS Adults Analyst/Researcher proble m solvin g taskin g Emerging issues Housing

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