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Southwark Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub -MASH April Bald & Dermot Kelly

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1 Southwark Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub -MASH April Bald & Dermot Kelly

2 Multi agency safeguarding Hubs Serious case review lesson : poor info sharing and collaborative decision making Overburdened front line duty desks – delayed decision making due to poor quality referrals * ( an hour on duty ) Poor understanding of threshold for referral into CSC Munroe underlined the importance of the role of police in safeguarding Early help services not always utilised – interventions too late. Devon MASH evaluated as good practice – providing better decision making and outcomes for children

3 What is MASH ? A centre bringing together agencies ( & their info) in order to identify risks to children at the earliest point & respond with most effective interventions A faster, more co-coordinated and consistent response to safeguarding concerns about vulnerable children An improved ‘journey’ for the child with a greater emphasis on early intervention and better informed services provided at the right time A more straightforward and responsive process for the professional or people raising a concern, with clear guidance and support.

4 Objectives of MASH Closer partnership working, clear accountability and improved multiagency communications In the long term a reduction in the number of inappropriate referrals and re-referrals Enables commissioning and prioritisation of resources to improve safeguarding provision A system allowing effective feedback to referrers & reduction of inappropriate referrals

5 Who is in MASH ? Children social care (incl CWDT ) Police & community safety Early Help Services / Education Specialist Family Focus and Family Focus + ( TF) Health Midwifery Housing Youth Offending services Probation Adults : CMHT, Substance misuse,Adult Social Care Solace

6 MASH Process Map

7 Case example Referral from school : Mary 24 year old mother to Adeola (5 years old ) came into the office distressed. She is 12 weeks pregnant and the unborn’s father assaulted her last night threatening to kick the baby out of her unless she ‘’got rid of it ‘’. She is also stressed as she has her 14 year old nephew George living with her. Adeola struggled to settle into reception, shows some clingy behaviour – she struggles with enuresis.

8 Changes to the CAF form have been made - send to the MASH Parental consent - understanding by parents where the CAF goes. Ongoing awareness of Consent – No consent

9 Feedback to the schools on the referral and its outcome Promote TAC Team around the Child Offer social work Consultations on thresholds Increase sign posting to Early intervention services and children centres

10 Our Vision To identify and make safe at the earliest opportunity all vulnerable children and their families in our communities through sharing of information and intelligence across the safeguarding partnership’

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