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Update on Barnardos domestic violence work in London

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1 Update on Barnardos domestic violence work in London
Presenter : Vivienne Springer (Lead Domestic Violence Learning and Development consultant) Tel:

2 Objectives Agree that there is more to the Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix model than just the matrix; Know the scope of our current work; Know what the challenges are to our work; Know what is working; and Know some of the new initiatives that have evolved from the rolling out of this model.

3 Development Packages Multi Agency Awareness Briefing
2) Initial Assessment 3) Core Training & Mentoring 4) Safety Planning

4 SCOPE 14 London Boroughs Barking and Dagenham Barnet Brent Bromley
Croydon Enfield Greenwich Hammersmith & Fulham Lambeth Haringey Harrow Sutton Tower Hamlets Waltham Forest

5 Types of work Presentations of the model to stakeholders;
Consultations including responding to enquiries as how the model is working in other places; Delivery of the full or parts of the model; Evaluations; and Follow up developmental work.

6 Break down of work to date
6 the full model; 2 part of the model; 1 Training for Trainers; 2 are getting ready to buy full and part; and 3 consultations only.

7 Challenges of embedding model in partnership with LSCBs
Competing needs; National campaigns that don’t address the whole; Assessments based on resources as oppose to needs; Low representations from faith groups; The confidence of practitioners to intervene early; The confidence of practitioner to safety plan with mother and child; Working towards promoting a workforce of social workers trained in working with domestic violence; Securing interest and commitment across a Borough at senior level; and Keeping the momentum.

8 What is working Presentation to Local Safeguarding Children Board;
Formation of steering group; Ownership and commitment from the higher levels of the organisations; Promoting a child focused agenda; Integrated CAF system with an active CAF Co-ordinator; Worker’s good working knowledge and ownership of the MARAC system; Multi-agency ownership and commitment; and Healthy directives and support from managers for staff to attend and follow through training.

9 What’s new Accredited Training for Trainers;
PQ Award at Specialist and Masters level with Kingston University; and Publication.

10 Outcomes of the Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Model
Increased staff awareness and understanding of the dynamics of DV and the risks it poses; An improvement in Social workers ability to respond more effectively; Increased safety measures for children and young people; Non-abusing parent will be more aware of the risks;

11 More Outcomes More accurate risk assessments - core and initial;
More children needing support, will be identified; Children/ YP and the non-abusive parent skilled up; and Parallel domestic violence risk assessment process alongside adult risk assessment– MARAC, SPECCS and CAADA assessment.

12 Suggestions Two Boroughs buying into one programme
Regular conference calling - Q&A sessions on how the model is going in other Boroughs

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