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Chapter 24.3 Solar Energy and Winds

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1 Chapter 24.3 Solar Energy and Winds

2 Solar Energy When solar energy reaches the atmosphere:
Reflected back – 30% Absorbed by atmosphere-20% Absorbed by earth – 50%

3 Greenhouse Effect Energy reflected by the earth’s surface is trapped by water vapor and carbon dioxide.

4 How is Energy Transferred Within the Troposphere?
Radiation – land and water radiate heat back into the atmosphere. Conduction – heats air in direct contact with the land and water Convection – Currents form when hot air rises and cooler air sinks


6 Wind Caused by differences in air pressure.
Air flows from area of high pressure to area of low pressure.

7 Local Winds Wind that blows over a short distance.
Daytime-Sea breeze-cool air from water flows toward land Night time-Land breeze-cooler air over land moves toward water.

8 Global Winds Winds that blow over long distances.
Convection cells – circulating air patterns.

9 Global Winds Trade winds Westerlies Polar easterlies


11 Coriolis Effect Causes global winds to curve because of the rotation of the earth.

12 Jet Stream A belt of high altitude wind in the upper troposphere.

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