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Compound and Complex Sentences

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1 Compound and Complex Sentences
By Cheryl Hamilton Grade 5

2 What is a simple sentence?
A simple sentence expresses a complete thought. Grady is sitting on a red carpet.

3 What is a compound sentence?
A compound sentence contains two simple sentences joined by a comma and a conjunction. Conjunctions: and but or Grady was sitting on a red carpet, but he liked playing in the keyhole better.

4 What is a complex sentence?
A complex sentence contains: independent clause, (which can stand alone) dependent clause (which cannot stand alone) The clauses are joined by words such as : if when because until before after since

5 Complex Sentence A complex sentence contains an independent and a dependent clause. My family had food before the Pirates game started. My family had food is the independent clause. Before the Pirate game started is the dependent clause.

6 Video Please enjoy the video on compound and complex sentences.

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