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Teaching Exceptional Students: a workshop for the gifted and talented Geographical Association Conference 2005 Secondary Education Section Committee.

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1 Teaching Exceptional Students: a workshop for the gifted and talented Geographical Association Conference 2005 Secondary Education Section Committee

2 Presenters Gary Dawson - Head of Geography, Fair Oak Business and Enterprise College, Staffordshire Melissa Gardner - Head of Geography, Stanchester Community School Alan Parkinson - Head of Geography, King Edward VII School, Norfolk Fred Martin - PGCE Tutor, Bath Spa University College SESC 2005

3 Other contributors On holiday ! Rob Lodge - Secondary Consultant Foundation Strand, Norfolk Sarah Todd - AST, Stanchester Community School, Somerset Sarah Watts - Secondary Consultant Foundation Strand, Hampshire SESC 2005

4 Have we got some headlines for you ! Background image copyright Hat Trick Productions and the BBC.

5 Africa continues to lag behind the rest of the world.

6 Trade holds the key to African development.

7 China set to overtake Britain as the 4 th richest country in the world.

8 Britain promises to cancel debt to help the developing world.

9 Millions still without access to water in poor countries.

10 Rich countries give aid with one hand, but take aid repayments with the other.

11 Poverty in Africa is a legacy of European colonialism.

12 Corrupt officials and politicians put off overseas investors.

13 Trade barriers prevent Africas escape from poverty.

14 Africa needs to reduce its dependence on aid.

15 And now the next activity !

16 Objectives 1 What are the differences between gifted and talented students ? What are the characteristics of a gifted geographer ? What are challenging tasks for gifted geographers ? How can challenging tasks be made more accessible to the mainstream ? SESC 2005

17 Objectives 2 How one department manages gifted geographers Using ICT to support the learning of gifted geographers Using fieldwork to support the learning of gifted geographers Consider the next steps to support your gifted geographers SESC 2005

18 Who are the Gifted and Talented? Gifted' learners are those who have abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum other than art and design, music and PE Talented' learners are those who have abilities in art and design, music, PE, or performing arts such as dance and drama. SESC 2005 Adapted from Excellence in Cities

19 Characteristics of gifted Geographers Think of a student in your school and describe his or her characteristics SESC 2005

20 Characteristics of gifted Geographers Training materials for the foundation subjects. Module 9 Challenge Chris Durbin SESC 2005

21 Increasing the challenge and making the challenge more accessible Groups of 3/4/5 Some groups work on increasing the challenge TRF concept map Design a city Some groups work on making the challenge more mainstream Thanks to geography Cartoon(s) SESC 2005

22 How is G and T managed in the Geography Department? A case study from Stanchester School, Somerset

23 Our set up.. 3 Geographers 2 classrooms Both rooms data projectors and laptops One IWB All lessons on Ppt – interactive starters Lots of playdough!

24 Keeping G and T happy Our G and T AST surveyed all G and T students in our school..Heres some student thoughts… I dont feel comfortable when the teacher seats me next to someone who messes around The more interesting the class is, the better the class is. Making lessons fun and how the information is put across helps loads Being involved – doing things – helps me Personal talking time really helps – where you share your ideas before you write down Being different, original and fun. I liked having time to think in silence

25 Department ideas. Seating Plans – learning buddy (more able – more able) Differentiation – must, should, could and VAK / multi sensory tasks Fieldwork opportunities e.g. weather diary winners to RNAS Yeovilton Coursework – differentiated guide booklets.. Hotlinks of data sources, updating website info Exemplar material… example of an A*…. Stepped level criteria an A* response is…. Shared peer learning – cross phase projects (teaching volcanoes to Year 6) Weather club – geo clubs… let them run it and update weather data / RND team

26 Creativity and G and T Make learning purposeful… Roving reporter Magic microphone for quiet types Hot seating… ready steady chat Keep their attention…. Lyrics to a song.. Mamma Mia, here I blow again, I am an active volcano… Call my bluff.. students create questions for homework…. Give us the question… we give you the answer

27 Create a rainforest … from scrap What do you need? Boxes Tissue Paper Information from textbooks Card Why not visit the Scrap Store in Yeovil…

28 Using the resources available, build your own rainforest on the wall…cut out the trees…add the birds…wildlife…flowers…. It will be assessed for accuracy of its layers and their contents – labels should be clear and informative You have 20 minutes to create your rainforest

29 The G and T students could be grouped together for this activity, then have an extension to report back from the rainforest about the threats…. Could be a roving reporter…..

30 And so…. We manage G and T with department and school wide initiatives, which are enhanced by fun and engaging learning styles.

31 ICT: Case study The use of ICT to offer challenge and a sense of mystery for your G&T students… SESC 2005

32 This is your life…. – Old Harry Thanks to Daniel Raven Ellison – Learning through Windows RGS-IBG Innovative Geography Teaching Grant You were born… Your parents were… You had a wife, but separated …

33 How will G&T use images ? Application: applying the same idea to changed situations Analysis: questions that invite pupils to explore causes, effects and relationships Synthesis: hypothesising or generating ideas Evaluation: assessing validity of conclusions reached

34 RGS-IBG Innovative Geography Teaching Grant 2003-4

35 Weblogs Set up a departmental weblog –encourage students to post / comment Go beyond the themes in the classroom Immediacy Students gain ownership… Read more in Teaching Geography October 2004 FLICKR – photo cataloguing and tagging & easy upload to weblog

36 Researching Starters Simon Renshaw of Roundhill Community College, Leicester asks G&T students to research images for forthcoming lessons / starters They research images which provoke questions…

37 300 topics

38 Location : Bawdsey Suffolk Artist: Bettina Furnee Produce a powerpoint with a sequence from the Archive of images.

39 Picture Pile

40 Picture by Edwin Chew: courtesy SLN.ORG.UK/GEOGRAPHY Picture Reveal Exercise

41 Copyright: Scott Blake Please note that some parts of this presentation have been removed due to copyrighted material. These included ideas for using video and images with G&T students. For further information go to: Click the link below, and set an

42 Field Work for G and T SESC 2005

43 Two stars and a wish SESC 2005 Turn to the person next to you and: tell them two things that you are currently doing to support G and T in your lessons identify one thing that you are going to trial in your lessons

44 Good practice The ability to think independently and in depth should be developed in all students. Pupils need to reflect on the processes of their own thinking and learning so that they can build on their own skills and intellectual strengths SESC 2005

45 Next steps: whole school In your school, is there a G and T policy register co-ordinator separate funds special programme? What is your departments contribution? SESC 2005

46 Next steps; department Do G and T students go beyond Level Descriptions? Do G and T students progress best in sets? What teaching strategies are most suitable? What learning activities best develop the abilities of G and T students? How can you assess the achievement of G and T students?

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