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Practical Learning: Achieving Excellence in the Human Services International Conference 23-25 January 2008 Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

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1 Practical Learning: Achieving Excellence in the Human Services International Conference 23-25 January 2008 Edinburgh International Conference Centre

2 Keynote 4: Scottish Teachers for a new Era: Transforming Teacher Learning and Development Myra A Pearson Head of School of Education 24 January 2008

3 Context and Foundations Teacher Education Programme The Research Dimension The Future Overview

4 Scottish Teachers for a New Era What is STNE? Research and Development Initiative Funded by Government, Hunter Foundation and the University Developing Teachers: Increasing Pupil Gains Exploring how best to prepare teachers to support learners and learning in the 21 st century

5 … are adaptable, well organised and have high expectations for their pupils … … know their material so thoroughly they can easily teach children of different abilities … they are flexible and can use different strategies to do what is needed to help every child to learn … they are caring, compassionate, like children/young people and like working with children/young people Effective Teachers

6 The Aberdeen Approach Build an evidence base – add to knowledge and inform developments Develop new collaborative model of teaching learning and development from Initial Teacher Education through Induction and into the early years of a teachers career.

7 The Design Principles Decisions driven by evidence Engagement with Arts and Sciences Teaching as an academically taught clinical practice Social and educational inclusion Reflective and activist teacher

8 Teacher deep curriculum knowledge investigator present relevant curriculum confident exploring new methodologies and technologies Learning environment university-based, new investigative/research model of field experience Support framework university staff and class teachers as mentors to and co-investigators with students Professional Culture decision making, embedded framework of evidence gathering, reflect on impact of teaching on pupil learning Determining Factors

9 BEd (STNE) Model Years 1 and 2 Foundation Stage development of knowledge and understanding of learning, personal and professional growth challenging assumptions, beliefs and values critical enquiry/investigation Years 3 and 4Emergent stage Development of professional knowledge, understanding, skills and values in practice Learning and teaching, curriculum Action research Years 5 and 6Beginning Teacher connections with Induction year extended year of mentoring

10 The BEd (STNE) Programme

11 Field Experience Years 1 and 2The Foundation Stage 25 days Investigating the influences on childrens learning Year 1: Practical Experience relating to family, school and community Year 2: Issues of Diversity and inclusion, issues of professional identity Years 3 and 4 The Emergent Stage 24 weeks + 20 days (Action Research) The development of professional knowledge, understanding skills and values Learning and Teaching, Curriculum – discrete and cross curricular Action Research Years 5 and 6Beginning Teacher Stage Continuing Professional Learning and Development Year 5: Induction: 70% teaching 30% professional learning and development Year 6: Extended mentoring….

12 Research Framework Key elements on the process of learning to teach Entry characteristics Learning opportunities ITE to Induction to CPD How these elements L ink to and relate to classroom practice Influence pupil learning and achievement How external influences impact on the process of learning Further embedding effective practice

13 Research Model

14 Portfolio of Evidence Surveys and Tracking Entry survey and profile Exit survey and profile Year 1 survey Year 2 survey Common course and reporting Qualitative Case Studies Pupil Gains Studies Teacher Action Research Comparative Studies

15 the new programme … through the teaching of the new style B Ed course we are focusing much more strongly on teaching the pupils in an informed way, taking our observations and tailoring our lessons around these learning needs. We are not given a checklist to follow …. … now I see where they are coming from because with the experience from the like of psychology and out in the university I am not just stuck in Education, I am a lot more open to things, so yes, the course has really helped me. Hopefully I can be an excellent teacher, more than if I had done the traditional course and just been like watching the teacher write on the board… Reactions from students

16 mutual learning … in the videos you could see that I was like…. my god, I have got to pretend I know what I am doing, but now Im like, I think the kids will respond better if Im like I dont know and try to work things out with them… … Im happy to learn from the children because you learn so much more… taking field notes … maybe at the time you are thinking, why are we doing this? but, like for the essay I handed in today, I looked over the field notes and I have definitely learned from it… … Reactions from students

17 collaborative learning, working in pairs and groups during field experience … someone to talk to about teaching … … someone to feed off … … someone to share with, like peer assessment... and it helps, it always helps Reactions from students

18 In his teaching the wise man guides his students but does not pull them along; he urges them to go forward and does not suppress them; he opens the way but does not take them to the place …. if his students are encouraged to think for themselves we may call the man a good teacher Confucius (c. 5th century BC) STNE next steps …

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