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1 Mobile Computing Whats it mean to me?

2 500 Years of Excellence Founded in 1495 In the worlds top 200 universities Around 14,000 students 120 nationalities Excellent employment prospects Guaranteed accommodation First-class facilities

3 Investing in Our Students Future Planned investment of £230 million over the next ten years The Hub Wireless campus Aberdeen Sports Village Suttie Centre Library Curriculum Reform

4 Study Abroad

5 Open Days & Visits Open Door policy..– tour campus,..visit departments...Normally require..2 weeks notice Open Day 1 September 2009

6 Further Information For further information contact: Student Recruitment and Admissions Service T: 01224 272090 / 91 E: W:

7 There are three parts to the discussion Global impact of mobile The mobile internet You and your mobile

8 Who has a mobile phone? Who would rather give up their Facebook/ Bebo, etc privileges than lose their mobile? How do you use your mobile? Who has installed applications? Which ones?

9 What do other people do with their mobiles? Parents? Friends? Other people?

10 A few applications you may not have thought about Banking Sky+ recording Augmented reality Skpe, IM, etcBarcode reader

11 Augmented Reality overlays the camera view Videos at:

12 Whats the most important application to people? Discuss in pairs for a few minutes ? Gotta have it doh… Maybe its something the mobile provides

13 Does your answer depend upon how many mobiles there are? How many mobiles are there? How many people in the world? ? Wher e do peopl e use it? Hmm, how many use it?

14 6.6bn people and 3.4bn handsets 1.15bn handsets sold a year (Blackberry)

15 Mobile coverage around the world

16 Whats most important application? Pairs reconsider previous results and compare with another team and gather results ? Obvious now you say it Cool, not thought of that

17 Most important is one that connects most people Connectivity – phone calls/sms ? But SMS is so simple And you can talk on it too…

18 But what about the money? What happens if we follow the money in mobiles? Is it profitable? What do people think? Is this a big business?

19 Movies, Games and Music global movie industry $28.1bn in 2008.$28.1bn in 2008 Video game sales $32bn in 2008$32bn in 2008 DVD and Blue-Ray sales $29bn in 2008.$29bn in 2008 music sales $18.42bn in 2008.$18.42bn in 2008 That's $108bn in total for music, film, DVD and games. Will mobile be more or less than this number?

20 Mobile is Big, Really, REALLY BIG All of the SMS and MMS messages sent is $130bn. Web pages browsed, and songs downloaded, adds another $70bn. handsets sold ($150bn) and the network infrastructure ($50bn), and phone calls are $600bn. mobile is worth about $1,000bn (a trillion)

21 Scavenger hunt time Form teams of three or four per mobile with camera and mms settings sorted. Take 10 minutes to find items and post to Flickr Create mms with title as subject and description as body send it to….

22 Compare team results Look at the Flickr page to see the results

23 How did we get the photos to Flickr? f

24 The transparent network is useful We can do many things with the network SMS -> twitter/etc Once in the network we can do anything with the message

25 Even you can get involved Use the apps on your mobile Record and capture images, words, etc Install more apps Share your work, inspiration Write your own app

26 Create a mobile app means thinking about its goals Mobile web app (widget) or installed app? What do you need to do? ? Some use, or all use? To install or not install…

27 Will you get rich from your application? Probably not There are millions of apps out there, 50,000 for iPhones The problem is getting your app to people, and them paying you This should not stop you from trying though

28 More information here: shtml Basic concepts laid out with links as discussed already today

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