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Facebook Part I Building Your Profile Patrick Therrien Technology & Education Training Specialist.

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1 Facebook Part I Building Your Profile Patrick Therrien Technology & Education Training Specialist

2 Sign Up For an Account You will need a email and password Fill in the 5 blanks in order to create your account Indicate your sex and birthdate You must fill in all of the fields before you continue. 2.

3 Building an Account Example Once again all fields must be filled. 3

4 Security Check In order to proceed you must fill in the security check field with the two words separated by a space. If you can't read the words you have the option to try different words or click on the audio captcha 4

5 Searching For Friends Uses your email account to locate friends through your address book. This step can be skipped Locate your friends through the search criteria 5

6 Sign-up Process You must go to your email inbox to complete the process Click on the Blue Link to confirm your request for an account. You may be asked to enter a confirmation # 6

7 Building your Profile Enter in your High School Enter year using the drop down box 7

8 Building your Profile (cont.) Next add in your college. Type in your employer's name. Then click on Save & Continue 8

9 Building your Profile (cont.) Add people you know You can skip this page and move on by clicking on: Save & Continue or Skip. 9

10 Setting your Profile Picture You can upload a picture from your computer or take a photo with your webcam. You can also use a picture that represents you such as a: Car – if you are a car enthusiasts Cat – for cat lovers Anything you feel that represents who you are. 10

11 Adding/Changing a Photo For Your Profile Click on Browse and search for your photo Take a picture with your web cam 11

12 Setting up your Profile (cont.) There are 5 areas to complete on this page Search by Email Fill out your Profile Information Activate you mobile phone Find people you know by searching for their name Controlling your privacy 12

13 Filling Out Your Profile Type in your current city Hometown Birthdate – this can be hidden in your profile. And anything you want to say about yourself. 13

14 Categories to Edit Your Profile Friends & Family Education & Work Philosophy Arts & Entertainment Sports Activities & Interests Contact Information 14

15 Editing Friends and Family Select Relationship Status from the drop down box Next add each family member utilizing the drop down box You can also create a new list (such as a organizational list) 15

16 Education & Work Profile You can add a project from your employer Add another class from another University 16

17 Philosophy Profile State what your religious beliefs State any political views that you have People who inspire you Finally you can paste in any favorite quotations that you like. 17

18 Arts & Entertainment Favorite Music Books you read Favorite Movies Television Shows Games you play: Poker Cribbage Chess 18

19 Sports In this page you can display your favorite: Sports Favorite Teams Favorite Athletes 19

20 Activities & Interests List your favorite activities List your interests You can add descriptions such: as camping with my family 20

21 Questions?? 21

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