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1 A Parents Guide Professor Chris Gane Head of College of Arts & Social Sciences

2 Making the Right Choices Range of opportunities in Higher Education is enormous and exciting A third of young people now progress from school to university 55,000 degree and diploma courses on offer in the UK

3 First Step to a Rewarding Career Provides skills, knowledge and understanding for progression to a variety of careers Helps develop transferable skills for a dynamic job market Increases earning potential Increases maturity and confidence

4 The University at a Glance Founded in 1495 World-class institution, boasting 4 Nobel Prize winners In the worlds top 200 universities Around 14,000 students 120 nationalities Over 550 degree programmes Research Intensive – around 90% of research activity of international quality

5 The University at a Glance 3 Colleges divided into the following disciplines: Arts & Divinity Social Sciences & Law Medicine, Dentistry & Medical Sciences Science & Engineering Education

6 500 Years of Excellence

7 Investing in your Future Planned investment of £230 million over the next ten years The Hub Wireless campus Aberdeen Sports Village Suttie Centre Library Curriculum Reform

8 Unique Facilities

9 Unique Facilities

10 Choice and Flexibility First and Second Year MA & BSc students study their chosen degree subject e.g. Psychology, and up to four other subjects in each of their first two years Try out new subjects and tailor their degree to suit their needs and interests Flexible system allows students to change degree intention up to the end of second year, in consultation with their Adviser of Studies Professional qualifications e.g. Law, Teaching, do not offer the same flexibility

11 Study Abroad

12 Employment Prospects

13 The city that has it all

14 Admissions Process Carol Baverstock Head of Admissions

15 Admissions Process 15 Jan By End March Application to UCAS UNIVERSITIES make offers Conditional & Unconditional UCAS sends statement of decisions letter and reply slip STUDENT replies to each offer Firm Acceptance (F) Insurance (I) Decline (D)

16 Admissions Process Ways to Accept Offers (UF) Unconditional offer, Firmly accepted (CF) Conditional offer, Firmly accepted (CF+CI) Conditional offer, Firmly accepted + Conditional offer as Insurance (CF+UI) Conditional offer Firmly accepted offer + Unconditional offer as Insurance

17 Admissions Process When to Reply Last decision from University 31 March 2009 8 May 2009 12 June 2009 Reply Date 5 May 2009 5 June 2009 6 July 2009

18 Admissions Process UCAS EXTRA Applications to all degrees except Medicine Possible to make sequential applications If all 5 choices used and no offers received From 26th February 2009, will receive a letter if eligible Application locked for 21 working days Can accept or decline, if decline can apply to next choice Live up to and including 30th June 2009, then join Clearing

19 Admissions Process Confirmation when results come out Offer confirmed or alternative offer made Clearing

20 Medicine Admissions Process (for 2007 applicants onwards) 15 Oct 2008 Some offers made from January, bulk by end March 2009 Application to UCAS UNIVERSITIES Make Offers Conditional & Unconditional Based on 3 stage scoring system (A)Academic Scoring including UKCAT, (B) UCAS Form, (C) Interview

21 Education Admissions Process Application to UCAS UNIVERSITIES Make Offers Conditional & Unconditional Based on 3 stage scoring system Criminal record check (A)Academic Scoring, (B) UCAS Form, (C) Interview 15 Jan 2009 Interviews Jan-March

22 Applicant Portal Unique online applicant portal that allows your son or daughter to check the status of their application and receive important information quickly Offer letters, applicant guides, accommodation guides will all be sent out electronically through the portal Secure – password protected Check regularly Developed directly in response to requests from applicants to receive information electronically

23 Applicant Days & Visits BSc – 25 th Feb MA – 4 th March Engineering – 25 th February and 25 th March Law – 6 th and 20 th March Open Door policy – tour campus and visit departments. Normally require 2 weeks notice

24 Finance SAAS - Student Awards Agency for Scotland 0845 111 1711

25 Fees – Rest of UK Variable tuition fees are charged at UK institutions outside of Scotland. Maximum £3225 per year, which nearly every institution charges. Scottish students can take a fee loan out from SAAS to pay for this. Standard tuition fees for other UK students studying in Scotland is £1,820 per year for all degree courses, with the exception of Medicine where the fee is £2,895 per year.

26 Finance - Student Support SAAS pay tuition fees for Scottish domiciled students Student Loan - max £4,625, min £915 (this level if non income assessed) You can apply for the amount you are entitled to or less Additional loan up to £605 if parental income is £21,760 or less a year Young Students Bursary - maximum £2,640. Means tested, nil if parental income above £34,195.

27 Finance – Additional Support Hardship Funds Supplementary Grants: Dependants Grant – means-tested Lone Parents Grant – means-tested Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) - not means tested Travelling Expenses -after 1st £159 can receive between £811-£955

28 Finance – Student Funding Student Loan – Repayments taken from source (9% of income over £15,000) Parental Contribution Grants/Bursaries Part-time Work Savings

29 Student Life Mr Nicholas Edwards VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities

30 Student Life

31 Accommodation - Guaranteed Catered From £116 per week Food £15 per week 38 week lease Total = £4,978 Self-catered From £72 per week Food £30 per week 38 week lease Total = £3,876

32 Support from a Caring Community Adviser of Studies Centre for Learning & Teaching Medical Practice Chaplaincy Disability Support Counselling Service Careers Service

33 AUSA – Students Association Info & Advice Centre Niteline The Sabbs AUSA Council Events

34 Study & Assessment Lectures Tutorials Private Study Library Facilities Computers – wireless campus

35 Freshers Week Week before term starts Move in and make friends Meet Adviser and members of academic staff Find out about clubs and societies

36 Clubs, Societies & Sport Over 100 societies and 50 sports clubs Sublime to ridiculous Learn new things Teams & Competitions Meet people from other universities

37 Social Life Student friendly city Charities Campaign Debater Gaudie Aberdeen Student Radio

38 Further Information For further information contact: Student Recruitment and Admissions Service T: 01224 272090 / 91 E: W:

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