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Ethnogeography A future for primary geography?. Everyday geography School geography.

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1 Ethnogeography A future for primary geography?

2 Everyday geography School geography

3 A new paradigm for primary geography? That enables learners to recognise the value of their everyday experiences and that they are already thinking geographically in their everyday lives That is suited to the context that they are living (and working) in Ethnogeography (geography of people, culture)

4 Ethnomathematics A key assumption in this field … is that, through interacting in a myriad of daily- life activities, people already think and, more specifically, they think mathematically Frankenstein and Powell (1994:74)

5 A dichotomy in education Subjectivity and objectivity Action and reflection Teaching and learning Knowledge and its applications Practical, everyday knowledge and abstract, theoretical knowledge

6 The place of geography in education What is it for? Why is it in the curriculum? To make the world a better place? To learn to live well in the world? To work towards a just and sustainable society?

7 Freirian concept of education The dominant discourse is that of the powerful and does nothing to reflect the lived experiences or culture of the oppressed -Students (ITE) -Pupils (primary schools) -Teachers (National Curriculum)

8 Linking practical and academic Within a liberatory paradigm the voice of the academic or specialist should not be ignored To replace the privileging of one group with that of another would be just a questionable

9 Geographical Imagination Place Scale Location Function Social, economic, environmental and political dimensions Sustainable development

10 Geographical Imagination Where are the people? Where am I in this? What has it to do with me? Why should I care about this place?

11 Geographical Imagination Tourism Local-global links Culture and social injustice Scale Awe and wonder Fragility of environments Sustainable development

12 Linking practical and academic How can we enable learners to see the link between everyday experiences and the ways in which geographers make sense of the world?

13 Ethnogeographical Imagination Ethnogeography Geographical Imagination K/S/U/V ???

14 Everyday geography School geography

15 Ethnogeography - whose voices? Pupils - Simon Catling, Arthur Kelly, Susan Pike, Nicola Ross and Chris Spencer (IRGEE 2005 in press) Students - Simon Catling (2004), Fran Martin (2000, 2004, 2005) Teachers - ???? People in place and space, being-in-the-world: phenomenological origins of geography, personal geographies

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