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The Changing A level Curriculum 20th April 2006 GA Conference David Gardner QCA.

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1 The Changing A level Curriculum 20th April 2006 GA Conference David Gardner QCA

2 Draft Geography A Level Criteria Online consultation 10 th April – 89 responses

3 Subject Criteria as framework from which Awarding Bodies design and develop specs. So subject criteria need: to clarify that this framework should be used for design purposes provide clear direction about kind of geography appropriate to 21 st century be clear about nature or progression required from GCSE etc need give strong steer to include new geography

4 Purpose of the subject criteria review The main aspects under consideration in the current review are: oA reduction in the burden of assessment by reducing the number of units. For the majority of subjects, this will entail a reduction to 4 units. Fewer assessment units will enable each unit to be more holistic, less mechanistic and more supportive of extended writing. oA review of the necessity for coursework as an element of the assessment. It will be included in A levels only where it is the soundest method of assessment and provided that it makes clear how reliability and fairness are secured. oThe introduction of AEA-style assessments to all A levels. AEA- style material will encourage teaching that challenges students and promotes independent thought and learning. oA clarification of synoptic assessment. We are reviewing what synoptic assessment entails in each subject and are ensuring that it will encourage the development of a holistic understanding of the subject. Clearer understanding of synoptic assessment will also support learning and understanding.

5 Whats wrong with existing geography criteria… Pretty impenetrable text…. wordy not helpful Reads as a list of prescribed content rather than a framework for interpretation Repetitive/distinctiveness of AS and A level not clear Sounds inhibiting rather than enlightening No promotion of newer aspects of geography

6 Draft Geography subject criteria - aims AS and A level specifications in geography should encourage students to: demonstrate, extend and apply their understanding of key concepts and principles underlying all aspects of geography; appreciate the relevance of these and apply them to understand the changes that are taking place in our world develop their understanding of the complex interactions and growing interdependence between societies, economies, cultures and environments throughout the world, at scales from local to global, and in doing so develop as global citizens who recognise the challenges of sustainability and the implications for their own and others lives become critical and reflective learners aware of the importance of attitudes and values, including their own, and become adept in a wide range of skills and new technologies through the study of geography be inspired by the world around them, and gain enjoyment and satisfaction from their geographical studies.

7 Subject content AS and A level specifications in geography should require students to develop: their knowledge and understanding of a representation across physical, human and environmental geography their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of place, space, diversity, interdependence, people–environment interaction and the processes associated with these, and the importance of scale and change over time a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding to include a range of scales,environments and places the ability to use a range of skills and techniques, including the use of maps and images necessary for geographical study the ability to carry out research, fieldwork and out-of-classroom work, as appropriate to the topics selected the ability to use modern information technologies, including geographical information systems, as appropriate to the content.

8 Subject content - A2 In addition for A2 the specifications should require students to: develop the ability to undertake individual research/investigative work, including fieldwork extend their understanding of geographical ideas, concepts and processes identify and analyse the connections and links between the different aspects of geography synthesise geographical information in a variety of forms and from a range of different sources consider new ideas about the nature of the subject critically reflect on and evaluate the potential and limitations of approaches and methods used.

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