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Animated Discussion Mark Jones University of the West of England Bristol.

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1 Animated Discussion Mark Jones University of the West of England Bristol.

2 Background to Animated discussion Plasticine and play-dough models In 2s or 3s you have 6 minutes to make a model – everything you need is inside you envelope





7 Choice of themes

8 Possible audience and purpose for voice-overs Voice-overAudiencePurpose – to News report NationalNational Viewers inform - factual News report LocalLocal viewers inform – factual Role play – different interest groups e.g. local residents, Geographer, Local Council Public EnquiryInform, persuade Personification autobiography e.g. Cliffs tale, Mr and Mrs raindrop Other pupilsentertain, interest Geographical processes and landforms Other pupils (peer group and younger) teacher explain, interest

9 Animated Discussion Silent movie – I need a voice-over Voice overs – spot the mistake Voice-overs - terminology Out of order Missing key word Use as a starter What happened next? Question the geography!

10 Software for creating animations Microsoft Movie Maker 2 (Windows XP)an excellent beginners package but it does have some limitations e.g. the limited number of audio tracks available. Powerpoint - Insert a still image onto a slide, then set the slide transition to 0 seconds for all slides and the animation will run as smoothly as your PC is capable of. Microsoft Photo Story 3 (Windows XP)Cerates a simple picture slide show with audio.Ulead VideoStudio 10digital editing and DVD production package Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0This allows users to rapidly expand beyond the basic skills provided by MovieMaker and produce professional appearing films. package (Apple Mac users)contains a collection of professionally designed scenes including video and graphic overlays and advanced transitions. In terms of sources of audio tracks one extremely useful site is which supplies music tracks that are free to use for educational purposes (do check the terms on the site regularly).

11 Key Questions Why animate? When to use animation? What to animate?

12 Animations produced by Collaborative work by: PGCE Trainees at UWE 2005-2006 & 2006-2007 Paul Rycraft (MICE) Mark Jones (PGCE Geography Tutor)

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