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Audio-visual media in L2 teaching Digital Storytelling.

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1 Audio-visual media in L2 teaching Digital Storytelling

2 What media do you use? 2 Audio and video (photos) via Windows Movie Maker 2 OR Apple iMovie

3 How do you use it? 3 Create a sequence of pictures and record a descriptive audio Sample: digital story tellingdigital story telling

4 Why do you use it? 4 Its creative Language learning is the outcome but not the focus of the activity Promotes language learning for different skills/dimensions: o Vocabulary expansion o Pronunciation, cadence and intonation o Writing skills Its fun

5 What are the benefits? 5 Allows effective group work Promotes learner autonomy Software widely available and relatively easy to use Students can self-correct themselves listening to their recording Flexible: o from 2 hours to whole-term project o choice of topic o Pictures can be provided or left to choose

6 What are the challenges? 6 (Rare) technical difficulties can shift the focus of the activity Non teacher-led so difficult to assess before completion if a student/group falls behind Polished artefacts might impress despite poor language level

7 What are the technical requirements? 7 A PC with Win XP Professional (software is preinstalled) OR Apple computer with iLife package Headset with mic Access to the Internet

8 What is the teachers evaluation? 8 Based on final product: quality of the recorded narrative

9 What is the students evaluation? 9 Students can self-evaluate their work before submission and, actually, even peer-review their artefacts: correct, suggest, evaluate

10 What is the copyright implication? 10 Photos used should be copyright-free (we provide list of suggested websites)

11 Any further comments? 11 The longer the project, the more language skills students are able to exercise: write a storyboard which is peer-reviewed or corrected by the teacher etc.

12 Recommendations It is suitable for what levels? All. It is best used to train what linguistic skills? Speaking and writing. How long is the production time? 2hrs. Is it for general or specific purposes? Both. 12

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