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Geographical Association branches Are they the bridge between schools and universities?

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1 Geographical Association branches Are they the bridge between schools and universities?

2 GA branch survey 2007 In Spring 2007 a full survey of all branches was undertaken 32 out of 36 active branches responded to the survey. Frances Soar of the GA distributed the surveys Survey conducted by Teresa Davison and Richard Yarwood

3 Survey results 65% of branches have been operating for over 40 years and only 15% are new wave branches 25% of all branch activities are lectures aimed at 16+ students 22% are for the World Wise Quiz 21% are lectures aimed at the general public

4 Membership 23 branches had up to 19 members from school staff 7 branches had over 100 school students as members 22 branches had up to 19 members who were university staff 7 branches had up to 19 university students as members 13 branches had up to 19 members who were from the general public It would appear that there is a strong link between schools needs and what the branches are providing

5 Has membership changed in the last 5 years?

6 Why? INCREASE Better advertising Good programme Increase in school membership More retired have joined Non-academic programme introduced More PGCE students attending DECREASE Fewer teachers attending Decline in school membership Lack of GA publicity Younger teachers not attending Membership ageing/attendance declining If programme is not A level specific teachers/students will not attend

7 On average how many attend meetings?

8 What influences turnout? Relevance to A level Publicity Keenness of staff Choice of speaker Good workshops Possibility of fieldtrips 30 positive comments were made Weather Clashes with school events Teachers workload Distance of travel 22 negative comments were made

9 What influences turnout? Are meetings well attended? 55% said yes

10 Which groups attend meetings and are committee members?

11 How are committee members chosen? 41% were by election Interesting comments cant get people to help =2 do it all myself =2 interested individuals putting themselves forward =5

12 Why do you serve on the committee?

13 Where do you hold your meetings? 42% 38%

14 Links with universities 91% of branches had links with a UK university Most branches felt that they could be better supported by universities e.g. arranging lectures Lectures for prospective HE students Help with advertising However 4 branches said no further help needed

15 Is there more that the GA could do to support branches? More advertising on the website Active list of speakers Free entry for GA branch committee members to GA events Events insurance Headed notepaper Offer prizes for local World Wise Quiz events Names of members in local area (these are a small selection of the comments made)

16 How do you advertise? Programme 27% Website 13% Through schools 22% Universities 11%

17 Does your branch have its own website?

18 Does your branch have links to Humanities status schools?

19 How is your branch funded?

20 How do you choose topics?

21 How do you choose speakers?

22 Do you have difficulty attracting speakers? Why? Cost of travel, speakers fees Speakers not willing to travel Lecturers too busy with research work Research led universities not willing to support school level education Takes time to book someone Lack of availability Lack of response to invites

23 What in your opinion makes a good lecture?

24 Do branches have any links at national level? Have you heard of New Wave branches?

25 How important is your branch in the teaching of school age Geography? 16+ very important =6 important =15 dont know/unsure unimportant =6 GCSE/KS3 important =5 dont know/unsure very important =5 unimportant =18 Primary very important/important/dont know/unsure =7 unimportant =21

26 What are the best features or achievements of your branch?

27 What are the main problems/obstacles facing your branch?

28 Are there any ways you would like to see the branch improve? 71% said yes More members Younger committee More university input More member participation More publicity More commitment from younger teachers

29 Do you think your branch has a strong future? 62% said yes Why? commitment of members, new programme, lots of interest, varied programme, well attended, if free rooms continue, focussed members, reputation Why not? ageing members, too busy lack of support from schools, if committee changed branch would fold, no-one willing to take it forward, lack of volunteers, fees

30 All things considered, would you consider your branch as…. Vibrant =21% Active =58% Barely active =4 replies Sleeping =0 No reply to question =2 replies

31 In conclusion…why? Lack of school interest Teachers dont need GA branches Branch will cease soon Poor attendance BUT Social events popular Develop INSET Enthusiastic committee/members Brings Geography to a wider community Good attendance/activities

32 Without Geography you are nowhere…..

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