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Legislative Policy Committee ISAC Board approved concept at their meeting in December.

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1 Legislative Policy Committee ISAC Board approved concept at their meeting in December

2 First steps January – April – Affiliate designation of two Legislative Committee members April – Summary book completed and posted online April Board meeting, final approval of process for 2011 platform development Designation of Chair by Board President – Board’s second vice president as the chair of the committee

3 Ongoing Process May 5: Legislative session wrap up webinar, call for legislative proposals and introduction of new form May – September – ISAC staff will attend the statewide meeting of each affiliate they are assigned

4 May 26 First Meeting of Committee Draft Agenda: Introductions, Welcome by Chair Overview of Process Review of Session, Policy Statements and Objectives Staff Analysis of Lessons Learned Regarding Specific Proposals Determination of proposals to consider maintaining for 2011 Review the ISAC Position Development and Change Process from October, 2005 Discussion of agendas for August/September meetings Develop Work plan

5 Between Meetings Proposals from the membership and affiliates will be forwarded to the committee members as they are submitted. ISAC staff will begin to research and collect data on various proposals either brought forward or submitted through the call for legislative proposals process. If appropriate, contact will be made with other interest groups impacted by the proposal.

6 August Meeting Agenda Introductions AM Presentation of new proposals by affiliates/members or staff PM Discussion regarding legislative proposals Evening Activity Continuation of discussion and development of work plan Agenda/Work Plan for September meeting

7 September Meeting Agenda Introductions Review of Work to date Finalize and Adopt Legislative Objectives Prioritize Legislative Objectives Determine Board Presentation Process

8 Finalize Platform October 28-29 Board Meeting – Presentation and adoption of Legislative Platform November 17-19 Fall School – ISAC General Session presentation of proposals for adoption by membership

9 December Leadership meetings – ISAC President, Executive Director and staff meet with Governor, House and Senate Leadership to present ISAC priorities

10 Ongoing Meetings November, January, February, March, April – Monthly meetings to discuss progress on proposals, issues that arise, and ongoing strategy. Meetings will be by webinar with the exception of the November/March meetings that will be held in conjunction with ISAC Schools.

11 2011 Legislative Wrap-Up May – Legislative Wrap-Up, first meeting of 2012 process

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