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Daedalus Service Development Stephen Gallacher Lesley Drysdale.

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1 Daedalus Service Development Stephen Gallacher Lesley Drysdale

2 Hardware All Daedalus services run on one server Sun Fire 280R Solaris OS 4 Gbytes of Memory 12 x 36 GB Disks

3 ePrints Skill Sets Perl Apache MySQL Unix / Linux

4 ePrints Installation Version 2.2 Latest version 2.3.12 Straight forward installation and initial configuration (~2-3 weeks) Straight forward upgrade

5 ePrints Web Look and Feel –Header & footer –Stylesheet –Home page –Abstract page (example)

6 ePrints Document Types Journal article News article Preprint Book Book chapter Conference proceedings Conference paper Conference poster Technical report Thesis Other Each document type has its own set of metadata and its own citation format


8 ePrints Document Formats html pdf –multiple pdf –redirected pdf PostScript ascii rtf

9 New fields added Public full text Preprint available Preprint URL ISSN Faculty & department Research group Unique identifier Workflow Copyright Prior publication Reproduction rights Persistent URL OAI rights RAE submission Unit of assessment Dummy fields

10 Subject Hierarchy Library of Congress subject categories Faculties and departments

11 ePrints Workflow Submission buffer –Bulk import –Self deposit Automatic email to editor Editor validates information Automatic email to cataloguing department Cataloguing department assigns subject & moves record into main archive

12 Bulk Import of Data Perl scripts developed –Reference Manager RIS format ePrints xml format –EndNote RIS format ePrints xml format Import into submission buffer Test service useful Special characters?

13 ePrints Services Main ePrints service – JeLit journal of eliteracy – ERPAePRINTS – Configuration files retained during upgrades A few changes to core code

14 ePrints Config Skills Set Perl MySQL Unix xml html

15 DSpace Installation & Configuration

16 DSpace Skill Sets Java Tomcat / Apache PostgreSQL Unix / Linux

17 DSpace Installation Version 1.2.2 NOT straight forward installation and initial configuration (~2 months) NOT straight forward upgrade!

18 DSpace Look & Feel Local JSP files permit limited configuration –Header & footer –Left & right navigation bars –Stylesheet Further configuration requires changes to Java code.

19 DSpace Document Types Animation Article Book Book chapter Dataset Dental elective Learning object Image Image, 3-D Map Musical Score Plan or blueprint Preprint Presentation Recording (musical/oral) Software Technical report PhD thesis Non-doctoral thesis Video Working paper Other

20 DSpace Workflow Sausage string More sophisticated by default than ePrints






26 PKP Harvester Installation & Configuration

27 PKP Harvester Skill Sets Php Apache MySQL Unix / Linux

28 PKP Harvester Installation Straight forward installation & initial configuration.

29 PKP Harvester Currently indexing approx 1400 records from 4 archives –ePrints –JeLit –ERPAePRINTS –DSpace

30 PKP Harvester Configuration Web look & feel –Header & footer –Fields displayed per record e.g. document type, service –Search fields e.g. search by document type –Browse views Browse by document type



33 OAI Field Mappings No problem with ePrints fields –Uses unqualified DC Some DSpace fields did not display correctly in harvester –DSpace uses qualified DC –PKP harvester modified to cope

34 PKP Harvester Configuration Skill Set php MySQL Unix

35 Resource List ePrints software – ePrints WIKI – DSpace (software, WIKI, mailing list) – DSpace for Dummies – PKP Harvester software –

36 Technical Lessons Learned 2 servers Linux instead of Solaris Double time estimates Mailing lists & WIKIs very important Test service useful

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