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Ch. 10 Vocabulary Words Social Studies: The Civil War.

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1 Ch. 10 Vocabulary Words Social Studies: The Civil War

2 To formally withdraw from a group

3 secede

4 A small town in northern VA where Confederate troops surrendered

5 Appomattox Court House

6 McLean House. It was here that generals Grant and Lee met with members of their staffs to negotiate the surrender of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. A more unusual story is of the McLean. They previously owned a home near Manassas. During the battle of Bull Run, the Confederates used their home as a headquarters. After the battle, McKean decided to move away from the turmoil of War, but such as not the case, as the War followed them. The Mclean were present at the first major battle of the Civil War, and the final surrender took place in their living room.

7 General of the Confederate Army; earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run

8 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

9 The battle here marked the beginning of the Civil War

10 Fort Sumter

11 President of the Confederate States of America

12 Jefferson Davis

13 To release or set someone free from slavery

14 emancipate

15 Because of his devotion to VA, he commanded the confederate army

16 Robert E. Lee

17 Made up of the northern states; another name for the United States

18 Union

19 Formed from the eleven states that seceded from the Union

20 Confederate States of America (Confederacy)

21 A declaration made by Lincoln that granted freedom to slaves held in Confederate States

22 Emancipation Proclamation

23 President who was against the spread of slavery

24 Abraham Lincoln

25 Group of counties that became their own state because they did not want to secede from the Union

26 West Virginia

27 Located in Manassas; first major battle of the Civil War took place here

28 First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas)

29 Commander of the Union Army who defeated Confederate troops

30 Ulysses S. Grant

31 What demand did the Confederates make about Fort Sumter that started the Civil War?

32 They demanded that the United States soldiers leave the fort.

33 Why did President Lincoln refuse to give in to Confederate demands about Fort Sumter?

34 Because Fort Sumter belonged to the United States government

35 What event caused Virginia to secede from the Union?

36 Lincoln called for troops to go to war against the Southern States.

37 Why did West Virginia become a separate state?

38 Because Virginia voted to secede from the Union

39 What was the first major battle of the Civil War?

40 First Manassas (First Battle of Bull Run)

41 Why did Robert E. Lee decide to join the Confederate Army?

42 1.He didn’t want to fight against his friends and neighbors. 2. He wanted to preserve the rights of Virginia. 3. He was a strong and bold leader.

43 What were women in Virginia doing during the war?

44 1.Running farms and businesses 2. Working in hospitals 3. Taking over men’s jobs in factories

45 What was the Emancipation Proclamation?

46 Announcement to set free African American slaves

47 List some facts about the Emancipation Proclamation:

48 *It helped keep European countries from joining the Confederacy. *It allowed freed African Americans to join the Union army. *It freed all slaves in the Confederate territory.

49 What happened to Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville?

50 He was accidentally shot by his own troops and died.

51 List some facts that lead to Lee’s surrender:

52 *Lee had few soldiers and supplies left. *Grants forces had captured the Confederate capital. *Union forces surrounded Lee’s soldiers.

53 What happened after Grant’s forces had taken Richmond and Petersburg?

54 Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House and the war ended.

55 The economy of the North was based on ___________________.

56 Manufacturing/factories

57 The economy of the south was based on __________.

58 Farming or agriculture

59 _______ _________ established the Underground Railroad to help free slaves from the South to the North.

60 Harriet Tubman

61 The ________ and the _________ were the two iron-clad ships that fought in waters near Norfolk and Hampton Roads.

62 Virginia & Monitor

63 ESSAY: What events led Virginia to decide to secede from the Union?

64 *Virginia believed they had the right. When Lincoln called on states for soldiers, VA refused to fight against the Southern states. VA seceded.

65 Why did a lot of battles take place in Virginia?

66 Virginia was between the two capitals.

67 Where did the Civil War end? Who surrendered?

68 Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House in VA on April 9, 1865.

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