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WelcomeDenis McMahon Update on reformAndrew McCormick Vision for HSSADavid Sissling Question and Answer Session RPA - Update.

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1 WelcomeDenis McMahon Update on reformAndrew McCormick Vision for HSSADavid Sissling Question and Answer Session RPA - Update

2 The Reasons – A Reminder Improved care for patients, clients, carers and the community as a whole Opportunities for better integration of services Greater efficiency and productivity, so that money can be focussed where it is needed most We serve the community – so the structures need to build in greater responsiveness and put the patient on top of the system.

3 Key Means – A Reminder Separation of commissioning and providing Delegation of a strong commissioning role to local level – but within the framework of regional standards and targets Strong performance management Opportunity for financial arrangements to provide strong incentives and sanctions Much clearer accountability

4 The New Structures - Reminder Patients & Clients Agencies Blood Transfusion Agency, Guardian Ad Litem, Social Care Council 5 Health and Social Services Trusts plus the Ambulance Service Primary Care/GPs/other Independent Primary Care Providers 7 Local Commissioning Groups 1 Patient & Client Council 1 Health and Social Services Authority Minister DHSSPS RQIA

5 Progress (1) David Sissling – HSSA Chief Executive Designate appointed Independents appointed to DMB – Helen Roulston, Danny McCaughan Trust Chief Executives Designate and Chairs appointed – top management structures designed Mary Burrows (CE Northampton PCT) – seconded on system design Trust Directors of Finance & Human Resources adverts in press 26 September

6 Progress (2) HSSA Implementation Group being formed – David to say more Trust Implementation Group established Legislation –Early draft circulated internally (6 th Oct) –Focus on key stakeholders within HPSS family (Dec 06 – Jan 07) –Statutory consultation (Feb – April 07) Patient Client Council Design Work underway First stage of work completed to identify functions in Department likely to be affected

7 …but much more to do. Number of key issues to be resolved in relation to the HR dimension in the HPSS HR Framework prepared – discussions with Public Services Commission Shared Services – initial report, December 2006 Lot more engagement to do Lot of appointing required to 2 nd, 3 rd and 4 th tier in Trusts And need to achieve £55 million savings

8 DHSSPS Local Commissioning Groups PCC RQIA Western Trust Northern Trust South Eastern Trust Southern Trust Belfast Trust HSSA Regional Leadership Function

9 The Reconfigured DHSSPS Too early to say exactly what the Department will look like HSSA in the early stages of design Initial analysis of functions needs to be refined Expect Department to reduce to around 500 people Initial work with Directorates provided a good starting point

10 20 year strategy – much more prominent role All of the normal Departmental functions – legislation, advising Minister Development of overarching policy – i.e. Regional Strategy, IfH, DBS but not generally regional service plans No gaps or overlap regionally - professional advisory structures will reflect this Focus of the DHSSPS

11 Post April 2008 – key features Dept to be structured as recommended by Top Structure Review –CMO (Public Health, Quality) –Policy Group – as at present but progressively more multidisciplinary structures –Resources and Performance Policy Group – strong input from professionals Departmental Board – Permanent Secretary, CMO, two Deputy Secretaries plus two Independent Members Some top professional roles in HSSA e.g. CDO, CNO?

12 What Next for DHSSPS Staff RPA Affected Group –Eligibility to apply for jobs –Defines coverage of PSC recommendations eg re vacancies –Broad definition at this stage –Does not mean all staff in RPA affected groups transfer Further Work Needed To Refine Functions –Need for TUS consultation

13 100% Affected – DIS, HEA Partly Affected –TUS consultation –Restructure gradually to reach definitive position –Agreement where possible –Potential to exchange Allocating Staff to Functions Transferring

14 Thank you Will take questions at the end of David Sisslings session

15 David Sissling Chief Executive Designate HSSA

16 The Health & Social Services Authority Role Implement Government policies for Health and Social Services Manage the performance of the system Commission services with local groups - Ministerial Announcement, Nov 2005

17 The Health & Social Services Authority Function Performance Management Commissioning – 7 Local Commissioning Groups Strategic Planning including capital Public Health and Health Promotion Social Care Clinical Governance Workforce Planning Information Services ICT Development Health Estates A range of regional services including Counter Fraud, Research

18 The Health & Social Services Authority Migration of Functions 4 Boards Health Promotion Agency Elements of CSA Health Estates DISNIPECNIMDTA Elements of Department

19 The Health & Social Services Authority Proposed Structure Finance & Corporate Services Performance & Information Services Workforce & Human Resource Development Commissioning & Strategic Planning Public Health & Care Standards Nursing & Patient Experience Social Care & Children Health Estates

20 The Health & Social Services Authority Enablers of Success Well planned transition Good communication Professional leadership Focus on patient and clients Strong partnerships Excellent internal capabilities Devolved style Focus on priorities and results Ambition

21 The Health & Social Services Authority Progress to Date Appointments Transfer of responsibilities Joint working with 4 Boards Transition planning System planning Priorities and momentum

22 The Health & Social Services Authority Some Unknowns Detailed structure SizeLocation




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