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Stakeholder Engagement

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1 Stakeholder Engagement
Island Civic Centre Lisburn Friday 29th June 2007

2 Stakeholder Engagement Workshop
Sean Donaghy Director of Finance and Corporate Services (Designate) Health and Social Care Authority

3 The Concept To develop a stakeholder network which can respond to, and advise on how to achieve improvement in health and wellbeing in Northern Ireland. The network will be non-hierarchical, transparent and open; meeting face to face and online on topics of particular interest and relevance. It will provide ‘listening posts’ across the region which will enable early signals, emerging patterns and trends to be detected so that early intervention can be planned where necessary. This will inform a preventative and proactive approach to policy formulation and priority setting.

4 Programme Welcome – Sean Donaghy
Your Service, Your Say – David Sissling Influencing Policy and Priorities – Andrew Hamilton Joining it up – A Partnership Approach – Suzanne Wylie Exploring the Questions that Matter – Anne McMurray Break approx What guiding principles and support structures do we need? – Anne McMurray Agreeing the Next Steps Lunch and Networking

5 Your Service, Your Say David Sissling Chief Executive Designate HSCA
Island Valley Centre Lisburn 29th June 2007

6 Your Service, Your Say David Sissling Chief Executive Designate HSCA
Island Valley Centre Lisburn 29th June 2007

7 System Change ………Better Outcomes
Enabling Elements New Systems Outcomes Effective Strategic Planning Processes Commissioning Performance Improvement – Financial - - Public & Social Health - - - Development Workforce & Staff Enhanced User Experience Service Frameworks Improved Performance and Quality Levels Strong Information Systems Value for Money Enhanced Public User and Staff Engagement Improved Health and Wellbeing Effective Professional Leadership New Integrated Models of Care New Organisational Arrangements Motivated, Dynamic Workforce

8 Some important issues Health and well being, not just health services
A new relationship between health & social care and the public and service users Making the system respond to service users, rather than service users to the system New partnerships New Service Delivery Models – supportive, responsive, integrated An approach based on devolution Significant role for communities Engagement and empowerment Background of Reform Programme 1998/99 – Fit for the Future 2001 – Acute Hospital Review 2002 – Developing Better Services 2005 – Appleby Review 2005 – 20 Year Strategy for Health and Wellbeing – A Healthier Future 2005 – The Review of Public Administration

9 Why engage? Individuals and communities should be actively involved in decisions effecting their lives The public should influence health and social care priorities and plans Individuals should contribute to decisions about their own care or treatment To improve individual’s personal experience as service users To help “get it right” To ensure we can align rights, entitlements and responsibilities To ensure we have strong partnerships with stakeholders in relevant areas

10 Enabling Effective Engagement
Leadership Consistency Commitment Cultural Change Purposeful partnerships Systems and processes

11 Why a Stakeholder Engagement Network?
Demonstration of commitment to engagement Enable views to be gathered in relation to relevant matters Establish good practice in relation to engagement and partnership Create a resource for those involved in policy development, commissioning and planning

12 Through this process … Need to build capacity so we have strong stakeholder involvement Need to ensure that engagement results in real change for patients, clients and carers We are asking for your support in this process Agree together what success looks like and how it should be measured. Really to say we are serious about this process

Andrew Hamilton Deputy Secretary – DHSSPS Health Care Policy Group

Our commitment: “We will make it a strategic priority to fully engage with, and support the development of people and caring communities who will: (i) actively promote health and well being; (ii) have a central role in managing chronic conditions and (iii) be partners in the design and management of our health and social Services.” Our vision: Fully engaged people and communities, actively influencing decision making at all levels will be widespread twenty years from now. Our planning and delivery of services will be truly person and community-centred. People will be able to take control of their own care and will take an active role in promoting their own Health and well being and that of their communities. Caring communities will feel that their services belong to them and will play a central role in designing and managing them. A Healthier Future

individual user/carer organisational community regional client group individual services/pathways specific policy reviews and policy development initiatives strategy development spending priorities and plans

Departments Advise/Ministers Decide Strategic priorities are a matter for the Executive Strong link between resource (inputs) and required policy outcomes – particularly For new/growth monies In this context, the Authority (Designate) + will not set priorities, but + it has the potential to be an effective influencer; + we will look to it to reflect the views and aspirations of stakeholders, so that + Government priorities are rooted in the experience of users and stakeholders.

Engagement with HSC, voluntary sector March/ April Negotiation & Implementation Potential for systematic comprehensive contribution to next review Resource parameters established 1st cut of service pressures/priorities Budget & Programme for Government published June December Assembly Committee And Executive processes Public Consultation Draft budget + programme for Government published September/ October

18 Joining it up – a Partnership Approach
Suzanne Wylie Head of Environmental Health Belfast City Council Docs 70509 Stakeholder Engagement 29 June 2007

19 BCC’s position on partnership
“We will work with others to improve quality of life in the city, now and in the future in a way that generates wealth, protects the environment, promotes equality, improves community relations and enables the active participation of local people” Belfast City Council Corporate Plan 2007/08

20 The importance of a joint approach
Presenting a coherent face; Maximum possible involvement necessary to address complex issues; Crucial to development of joint solutions; Helps build partnership capacity – trust and co-operation; Efficient – releases resources.

21 Community Planning Model
3 Key Elements Strategic Community Plan Thematic Partnerships Local Area Based Plans The model proposed by the Community Planning Sub-Group has three levels

22 Community Planning. What is it about?
Strategic vision - a long term (15-20 year) vision which is ambitious but capable of realisation Participation - a process that engages as wide a range of stakeholders as possible Partnerships - a meaningful alliance committed to joint action Stakeholder Engagement

23 What it’s not! Paralysis by Analysis All about ‘wants’
Mutual loathing suppressed for cash Tick box consultation It’s not about ‘community’ as we know it: ‘The process by which a council comes together with other organisations to plan, provide for and promote the well-being of communities they serve.’

24 SNAP model

25 What we are learning? Need right type of engagement - informing - participation - empowerment; Must consider resources available to deliver; We need to build capacity in order to engage; The importance of shared values; The need to recognise diversity and difference

26 Partnership Success Clear purpose Each partner sees a benefit
Mutual credit Relevant to core work and performance framework Continued wins Joint investment

27 Conclusion Stakeholder engagement is a challenge and a complex and time consuming process Working with and learning from other partners can only serve to maximise impact, reduce fatigue and reduce cost

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