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Foundation Trust Status for UHL Foundation Trust Project Director.

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1 Foundation Trust Status for UHL Foundation Trust Project Director

2 Foundation Trust Status for UHL Foundation Trust Project Manager

3 NHS Foundation Trusts Established by Act of Parliament First wave offered chance to apply 2003 First wave authorised April 2004 Several Trusts waiting for licence to proceed – Jan 2005/April 2005 All Trusts awarded 3* in July 2004 invited to apply in September 2004

4 NHS Foundation Trusts UHL awarded Three Stars in July 2004 UHL invited to consider applying September 2004 Trust Board discussion October, November, December 2004 Decision to proceed with PRELIMINARY APPLICATION December 6 th 2004

5 NHS Foundation Trusts Application Overview Three stages: Preliminary Preparatory Authorisation (tbc)

6 NHS Foundation Trusts….what are they? helping to get there by... Liberating the talents of frontline staff Strengthening public ownership and accountability Empowering partnership

7 NHS Foundation Trusts…what are they? …fully part of the NHS family Core NHS values - care free at the point of delivery - based on need not ability to pay High national standards and clear accountability

8 NHS Foundation Trusts…whats different? Controlled locally not nationally - Less monitoring from Whitehall - New monitoring framework: Healthcare - Commission; Monitor Greater freedom to run own affairs and greater (but limited) financial freedom

9 NHS Foundation Trusts…whats different? Controlled locally not nationally: new constitution - Broad parameters in legislation - Modelled on mutuals and co-ops - Members: patients, public, staff and partners - Opportunity to engage with local communities and staff - Members elect majority of Board of Governors

10 Elected by staff members 3 staff Public PCT Local Authority University Other Patient If sub-divided must have at least 3 categories one must be carers NHSFT decides with partners Elected by public and patient members Board of Governors Public and Patient members must outnumber the other categories

11 Board of Governors Board of Directors Chair Business advice (i.e. the how) Dialogue to and from community Must have Non-executives chief executive finance director medical/dental nurse/midwife Approve (second) chief executive must have due regard to views on forward planning Board of Governors appoints Directors

12 NHS Foundation Trusts Application Overview Three stages: Preliminary (submitted November 26) Preparatory (November 04 – Dec 05) Authorisation (tbc)

13 NHS Foundation Trusts Stage 2: Preparatory Application Three strands: Governance Arrangements Service Delivery Strategy HR Strategy Must maintain 3* status to gain SofS approval

14 Preparatory Application: timetable 7.2.05Draft plans for staff engagement and HR Strategy 14.2.05Draft Service Development Strategy (SDS) 21.2.05Assessment of Non-Executive Directors and draft membership plans

15 Preparatory Application: timetable April 05Draft SDS + Finance; Draft Governance details and Constitution; progress staff engagement May 05Commence financial modelling; Draft 2 SDS; Draft 2 HR Strategy June 05Sensitivity and risk assessment; DH feedback

16 Preparatory Application: timetable Mid July 05STAR RATINGS ANNOUNCED Continued sensitivity and risk assessment; Draft 3 SDS; Final Draft Governance and Constitution; Final draft HR Strategy

17 Preparatory Application: timetable August 05 Independent Review of 5 year proposals and operation as NHSFT Ongoing feedback from DH

18 Preparatory Application: timetable September – December 05 Increasing refinement of plans Public consultation (at the latest) 9.12.05 Final date for submission

19 NHS Foundation Trusts Submission to Monitor Brings an intense period of scrutiny Assesses fitness for purpose Stage 3: Authorisation

20 NHS Foundation Trusts What are the potential benefits of Foundation Status for patients? – new governance arrangements – less control from Whitehall – better partnerships with health community = MORE INFLUENCE FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY

21 NHS Foundation Trusts What are the potential benefits of Foundation Status for patients? – An acute Trust more in touch with its local communitys needs – An acute Trust able to respond better to local priorities

22 NHS Foundation Trusts Foundation Status…how would benefits be realised? Need to view Foundation Status opportunities in the same context as other elements of system reform: - PbR - Tariffs - Choice and Plurality

23 NHS Foundation Trusts PbR + Tariff + Patient choice Increased ability to respond, plan and invest Increased focus on: –Access –Quality of environment –Quality of care –Innovation –Better care pathways = BETTER PATIENT EXPERIENCE

24 NHS Foundation Trusts Future challenges for UHL To make maximum impact: - new skills and attitudes required - business focus - a long term vision - community engagement - staff engagement

25 NHS Foundation Trusts Implications for staff ? Opportunities to: Become members Join Board of Governors Influence Trust progress

26 NHS Foundation Trusts Implications for staff ? MUST NOT create unnecessary uncertainty - UHL faces many challenges already To work in an organisation with: - an acknowledged successful track record - a mission to improve services - greater freedom to invest and develop

27 NHS Foundation Trusts UHL & Foundation Status - What Next? Await DoHs decision on preliminary application Public and staff consultation Develop new Governance framework Recruit members Prepare for elections Write Service Development Strategy (SDS)

28 NHS Foundation Trusts Foundation Status for UHL: Should result in a better hospitals providing a better patient experience Should result in more exciting environments in which to deliver health care

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