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Initial thinking on clinical commissioning group (CCG) authorisation

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1 Initial thinking on clinical commissioning group (CCG) authorisation

2 What is authorisation? The process by which a clinical commissioning group (CCG) can be legally established to take on its commissioning and other statutory duties Part of a development journey, which is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between CCGs and the NHS Commissioning Board Supporting CCGs to be the best they can be The way in which we assure ourselves that we have moved from a vibrant network of pathfinders to comprehensive coverage of established CCGs across England A nationally consistent process, so that all emerging CCGs can have confidence that the same standards are being applied

3 Authorisation in context
By April 2013, established CCGs will need to cover the whole of England, without gaps Each CCG will have been authorised to take on some or all of the commissioning responsibilities for the population it serves Subject to parliamentary approval, once the NHS Commissioning Board is formally established as a non-departmental body (likely to be between July and October 2012) it can begin to consider applications for the establishment and authorisation of CCGs Once authorised, CCGs will take part in an annual assessment which will determine the nature of support or conditions going forward.

4 “Developing CCGs: Towards authorisation”
Work in progress which sets out the early thinking on the authorisation process A way to develop the process transparently so the direction of travel is known Developed through a comprehensive programme of engagement – with pathfinders, DH and NHS leaders and a range of stakeholders including other clinical professionals, local authorities and patients and the public Brings together the results of that engagement alongside views expressed in the listening exercise and subsequent government response Outlines the practical ways in which CCGs can take up development opportunities and the ways in which they might become authorised over the next two years

5 “Developing CCGs: Towards authorisation”
Needs to be read with recognition that all proposals are subject to change and refinement as the Health and Social Care Bill passes through Parliament Sets out some of the support that CCGs can expect from SHA and PCT clusters Needs further development and testing over the coming months to take these proposals forward At this point, is being shared with key stakeholders (pathfinders, primary care organisations, local government, third sector partners, SHAs / PCTs etc.) to support ongoing development and refinement Welcomes comments / feedback to support ongoing development

6 “Developing CCGs: Towards authorisation”
The draft document includes: The context for authorisation of CCGs including the key principles for authorisation and the journey of continuous improvement The proposed focus for authorisation and six key domains, likely to describe the preconditions of success for CCGs. Information on the journey to authorisation and explanation of the proposed phased approach and what it might entail The development opportunities CCGs might expect on their journey to authorisation and beyond What will happen next. The draft document is supported by a technical annex, which includes technical appendices: likely legislative requirements for authorisation, currently under scrutiny by parliament details on risk assessment of configuration a comprehensive description of the aspects of each domain to which CCGs should aspire, summarised from engagement with stakeholders in recent months details of supporting documentation that will be released in the coming months

7 Over the coming months…
Based on feedback received, the approach is refined and a formal document is published (Autumn 2011) The NHS Commissioning Board (in shadow form from October 2011) takes the final decision on how authorisation of CCGs will work The NHS Commissioning Board publishes the final Authorisation Framework in early 2012

8 Your feedback / views are welcomed on how this draft could be improved and future aspects of the ongoing programme Via primary care organisations (e.g. RCGP, FDA etc.), other stakeholder organisation or SHA Director of Commissioning Development Feedback received will be collated around the end of August/ mid September and the document will be formally published in the Autumn

9 For further information…
Contact: or They will pass your feedback on to the Department of Health as they receive it

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