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Derby Hospitals moving forward in the 21 st Century …. Dianne Prescott, Director of Strategy & Partnerships Future Strategy.

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1 Derby Hospitals moving forward in the 21 st Century …. Dianne Prescott, Director of Strategy & Partnerships Future Strategy

2 Derby Hospitals 21 st Century challenges and opportunities - why we must change Our vision Draft priorities for the coming years Discussion Purpose

3 Derbyshire Health Community strategy - Drivers for change Drivers Demographic changes Financial challenges Technological Advances Estates Patient Expectation Government policy Increasing access / more flexible access times Reducing waiting times Patient involvement including choice Improving quality of services received Urgent care - ensuring patients get into right service first time to get urgent access to treatment Increasing competition and new healthcare providers entering the market

4 21 st Century Healthcare Click on video file - 21 st _Century_Healthcare.wmv on the desktop

5 Shared Principles Principle one: Principle one: continue to improve patient experience Principle two: Principle two: ensure best outcomes for all Principle three: Principle three: no decision about me is made without me Principle four: Principle four: helping people to help themselves Principle five: Principle five: delivering the right service every time Principle six: Principle six: care is provided at the right place Principle seven: Principle seven: flexible and integrated working across organisations Principle eight: Principle eight: be innovative Principle nine: Principle nine: responsible information sharing

6 Stakeholder Feedback Phase One Feedback Increasing community presence and community based solutions Expanding role in preventative education Providing more virtual care utilising technology One stop services Community based health and well being solutions Shift of care from institutions to in the home

7 Key Issues Customer care – are we responsive enough Transformation of service models – new technologies, shift of care closer to home Organisational and business responsiveness Reliability – sustainable delivery of targets Financial vulnerability Are there any key issues you would like to raise?

8 Our vision What do involvement, innovation and integration mean to you?

9 PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST Provide better customer care to patients Improve the experiences of the patients we care for Make our services as safe as possible and reduce avoidable harm, i.e. patient falls Involve patients more in decisions about their care RIGHT FIRST TIME Connect services so they work better together in hospital and the community Reduce preventable admissions to hospital Ensure all services provide a consistent standard of care for patients Continue to meet targets, e.g. waiting times INVESTING OUR RESOURCES WISELY Ensure our services and clinics are fully utilised Support managers and clinicians by giving them the information they need to meet the needs of patients Help services adapt to patients changing needs by giving front line staff greater control over decision-making Develop our IT systems to improve our communication with patients and GPs Draft priorities

10 DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE Develop our staff so that they can work flexibly and are easily able to adapt and respond to changes in demand Ensure staff make full use of their skills and expertise Ensure trainees are used appropriately to provide quality clinical services Ensure leaders are able to support and involve their teams in developing services to provide 21 st century care Improve staff engagement and increase training and focus on customer care ENSURING VALUE THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS Build clinical relationships across the health community to improve care Work together with other health providers to ensure joined up care Ensure patient care plans are shared between hospitals and GPs to support joined up care Support the local community to develop healthy lifestyles, self care and well- being Have a positive influence on the development and success of the local community Draft priorities

11 Next Steps Discuss draft strategy with stakeholders August & September 2012 Finalise strategy and priorities September & October 2012 Strategy approval at October Board 2012 Launch and disseminate strategy to staff and stakeholders March & April 2013

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