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ChooseMySupport Adult Social Care eMARKETPLACE ChooseMySupport

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1 ChooseMySupport Adult Social Care eMARKETPLACE ChooseMySupport

2 Introduction – ChooseMySupport Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council have created a website called ChooseMySupport. Supports people to look at options in Leicestershire, and find the products and services that best meet peoples needs. Part of the Personalisation programme It is similar to other online shopping websites, like Amazon, or eBay, but it specialises in local social care services. Easy to use with guidelines throughout. One place to search for products and services – should be peoples first port of call. Approves providers Choose My Support went live on the 13 April 2011.

3 Who is it for? Personal Budget holders – people who are assessed as needing support Leicestershire County Council Employees Self funders - people who pay themselves Carers, friends and family Social Care Staff GPs and other professionals It is for everybody


5 Browsing, searching and Help Browse and search for products & services. Searches can be undertaken by area. Where all things are equal, search results are randomised. Products & services are arranged into categories. Dont need to register to search. You must register to sell products and services by creating an account. You must have an email account. Once registered your status is set and you manage your account Help function – provides information Guidance notes and help throughout the site



8 Categories Products & Services Accommodation - Are you looking for somewhere to live or for new support in your home? Being part of the community - Do you want to do more during the day or in the evening or at weekends? Domestic Support - You may need help with things in the house like cleaning, washing and getting yourself a meal or you Events, Education & Training - Do you want to learn new things or find out about events to go to? Health & Wellbeing - Do you want more help to stay healthy? Here you can find health care services. Lifestyle and Leisure - Do you want to do more with your spare time? Here you will find a lots of community activities Personal Support - Do you worry that you cant look after your garden or carry out repairs to your home? Repairs and Maintenance Services - Do you worry that you cant look after your garden or carry out repairs to your home? Services for Carers - If you caring or arranging the care to someone else who is ill, frail or disabled. Staying Independent and Safe - Do you find speaking up for yourself difficult or finding out what support you should be getting? Support and Advice - Looking for legal or financial advice or perhaps help with planning your support? Transport - Do you find it difficult to use public transport? Here you will find list of local transport services Work and Voluntary Support - Do you want to work but you need to be supported? There are services that can give you information

9 Sub Categories

10 Searching & Buying Process

11 Selected Product/Service

12 Buying Process Quotes – request a quote on a specific product Call me back – requests a call back from the provider Compare this – enables you compare products and services

13 Requests

14 Request

15 Buying Products Buy now – adds product to basket

16 Provider Registration Providers register via the ChooseMySupport website. All providers selling products or offering a service in City or County must register and be approved before their products and services will appear on the website. County and City have different approval processes A provider will have to be approved by both City and County if they wish to trade in both areas. System Associates support providers and they also manage the site. The Local Authority has full control over who appears on the site and who needs to be removed.

17 Log on to CLICK HERE to view the Leicestershire County Council categories of approval. Register as a provider


19 Register your business details……. Once registered on to the site, providers are required to electronically upload the relevant documentation and information. Only then will your service become approved by Leicestershire County Council.

20 There are 6 categories of approval for Leicestershire. The service you wish to deliver will determine the documents you need to upload. You will be able to view the County Approval Process here

21 Leicestershire County Council ChooseMySupport - Approval Process As part of the approval process you will be asked to submit a completed 'Self-Assessment Questionnaire'. At present this form is not an online form: to complete this form please complete the following steps 1) Copy and paste the Self-Assessment Questionnaire into a word document. 2) Complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire on the word document. 3) Send the completed Self-Assessment Questionnaire to 4) Submit at the time of initially registering your service on ChooseMySupport. This information will be filed along with all other documentation. Click here to view and complete the self assessment questionnaire. Then return to the email address shown


23 You will receive an email confirming your initial registration. The email will take you back to the site to complete registration

24 Complete the check-list There is a 6 step check list. You need to complete all areas of registration before you apply for approval. The service you wish to deliver will determine the documents you need to upload.

25 Step 2: Is the Approval Stage Enter the date your documents are valid from and when they will need updating Click here to select the document you wish to upload

26 These services are not regulated by CQC, however maybe contracted by Leicestershire County Council. CLICK HERE to edit, remove or view the documents you have uploaded. You can replace documents as required to ensure they are valid Once you have uploaded the documents relevant to your service category they will appear on your profile.

27 When you have completed each step, they will turn green. Once all steps are Completed just CLICK HERE for approval. To manage and add services in the future you just need to go to my account.

28 Issue/ Querycontact TechnicalEmail: Telephone: 0845 5570707 Provider supportEmail: Telephone: 0845 5570707 Approval IssueCounty – Tel – 0116 3056374 City - Tel - 252 8772 or 252 8349 Support Network

29 Without choice there is no control. Thank you Please register your service at Without choice there is no control.

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