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Adult Services Improvement Programme Advisory Group Risk Workshop 13 th August 2013 2pm – 4.30pm.

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1 Adult Services Improvement Programme Advisory Group Risk Workshop 13 th August 2013 2pm – 4.30pm

2 Agenda 2.00Presentation on the overall programme Lucy Butler/ Sara Livadeas 2.30Risks of the programme 3.00Small table discussions focussing on key areas identified 3.30Feedback and discussion 4.00Next steps 2

3 Programme Vision The Social & Community Services vision is to support and promote strong communities, so that people live their lives as successfully, independently and safely as possible. We want Oxfordshire to be a place where people enjoy healthy lives and experience high standards of health and social care. We believe that people themselves, regardless of age or ability, are the best placed to determine what help they need in order to lead successful lives. 3

4 What are we trying to achieve? We want to create an environment where people maintain control over their lives when they experience frailty or impairment, by having real purchasing power over their care. We want to encourage innovation and drive up the quality of support by developing a real market for care, one which is not reliant on the Local Authority, but sells goods and services direct to consumers. We will get involved early, so that in the long run people are less dependent on state support. We won’t differentiate between people who can afford to pay for their own care and those who are eligible for state-funded support. Working with our partners in the health service, we will reduce bureaucracy so we can deliver help as quickly and as simply as possible. 4

5 1. Information and Advice 1.The provision of good quality information is critical in enabling people to manage their own needs. 2.We will provide the information and advice required to enable people to look after their own health and wellbeing, preventing a need developing for social or health care. 3.For people who will need support from Adult Social Care, we will provide information and advice so that people can self-assess and source their own care direct from providers. 5

6 Deliverables Improved on-line information (currently Support Finder) Improved face to face advice, e.g. from peers like Village Agents Providers working directly with service users to provide information Information on services and their quality widely available via consumer sites 6

7 2. Prevention and Early Intervention 1.Prevention and the promotion of well-being results in people being less dependent on state support in the long run. 2.Once people start to become frail, intervening early avoids costs which are harder to control in a crisis. 3.We will work with Public Health and the Health Improvement Board to deliver this work 7

8 Deliverables Better use of equipment and assistive technology Extra Care Housing Seeing people early Re-ablement Support for carers 8

9 3. Getting Help 1.Service users will be supported to self-serve where possible and our staff will respond quickly to people with complex needs. 2.We will develop streamlined processes to free up staff time to directly support people who most need it. 3.We will work with people early on to help them get good information, make the best choices with the resources that are available and review the arrangements they have made. 9

10 Deliverables Increased numbers of people who self-assess and purchase their own care and support Reduction in people waiting for assessments Reduction in time spent waiting for care and support to be put in place Improvements in number of reviews and responsiveness to changes in people's lives Motivated, flexible workforce who offer excellent customer service 10

11 4. Support at Home 1.We will offer people that use our services choice and control over the support they receive. 2.It will be simple and quick to get help from the council or from the health service. 11 3.We will work in an integrated way with our partners to respond to people's needs, ensuring we support people to remain at home and to discharge people safely when they leave hospital.

12 Deliverables Increase in people supported at home with complex needs Decrease in delays in leaving hospital Shorter time spent in hospital Improved access to a range of support, for example occupational therapists, social workers, nurses 12

13 5. Market Development 1.We will facilitate a dynamic market that maximises the opportunity for innovation and new business opportunities; one which is not reliant on contracts with the Local Authority but sells goods and services direct to consumers. 2.The council's role will be to stimulate, quality assure and share information on current and future needs, and commission universal services such as reablement and information and advice. 13

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