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The Legend of Damon and Pythias

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1 The Legend of Damon and Pythias
rebel tyrant honorable traitor appointed

2 Tyrant-a harsh, unjust ruler (Page 96)
The king of the country was a cruel tyrant. Throughout history, people have suffered under the harsh laws of tyrants.

3 Rebel-to resist a ruler’s power (Page 96)
Why don’t the people rebel? At long last, the people rose up to rebel against the unjust laws.

4 Appointed-to name officially (Page 97)
Have they appointed you their champion? Wayne was appointed Most Valuable Player after the game.

5 Traitor-someone who betrays another’s trust (Page 101)
I consider him a traitor, but I’m certain he’s no fool. Every country has harsh laws against anyone who is a traitor.

6 Honorable-deserving of honor or respect (Page 103)
Still, would an honorable man like Pythias let such a good friend die for him? To be an honorable person, one must always try to do the right thing.

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