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Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend

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1 Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend
seriously tease lonely collection stiff probably

2 Tease - to annoy continuously
1. If you have a girl for a friend people find out and tease you. 2. Sometimes my brother and sister tease me when I am trying to work.

3 Lonely - sad from being alone
I was walking down the street feeling lonely. I thought the new student looked lonely at the lunch table, so I sat down next to her to talk.

4 Seriously - thoughtfully, sincerely
But she just looked at me very seriously and said, “It takes practice,” and then I liked her. Grandmother seriously thought about my question before she answered it, because she wanted to be sure she gave me the right answer.

5 Collection - similar things gathered together to study or to show to others.
I showed her my rock collection. I am going to add this new stamp to my collection.

6 Stiff - something not easily bent; not flexible
My neck got stiff from looking at the kite. The ice on the flowers made them so stiff they were not moveable.

7 Probably - most likely to happen
Probably they were still flying higher and higher in the wind. It is cloudy and the sky is getting darker, so it will probably rain today.

8 Pigtails

9 Braided

10 moustache

11 Cartwheel

12 Furniture                                                                                      

13 Moving van carrying

14 tree branch birds nest blue robin

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