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FARFALLINA AND MARCEL by Holly Keller by Holly Keller.

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1 FARFALLINA AND MARCEL by Holly Keller by Holly Keller

2 GENREFANTASY Fantasy is a made-up story. There are characters, settings and other things that settings and other things that could NOT happen in real life.

3 READ TO FIND OUT How do you know that Farfallina and Marcel Farfallina and Marcel are good friends?


5 The rain fell all morning. It splattered on the pond and on the pond and splashed on splashed on Farfallina’s leaf. Farfallina’s leaf.

6 She found a dry spot and ate it. and ate it. “Hey,” said a little voice. “You’re eating voice. “You’re eating my umbrella.” my umbrella.”


8 Farfallina peered over the edge. A small the edge. A small gray bird was gray bird was huddled underneath. huddled underneath.

9 Farfallina liked his soft feathers and his gentle eyes. “I’m Farfallina,” she said, and she slid down to the ground.


11 “My name is Marcel,” said the bird. said the bird. He liked Farfallina’s smile and her pretty colors. smile and her pretty colors.

12 The rain turned to drizzle, and Farfallina wanted to play. “I’ll hide and you find me,” she said. Marcel agreed.

13 Farfallina hid under a fern close to the ground because she ground because she knew that Marcel knew that Marcel couldn’t climb. couldn’t climb.

14 “Now I’ll hide,” said Marcel when he found her. And he hid right behind the tree because he knew that Farfallina moved slowly.

15 “I can take you for a ride on the pond,” said Marcel. Farfallina inched her way up to Marcel’s back.

16 “You tickle,” said Marcel, and he Marcel, and he slipped into the slipped into the water. water. Farfallina giggled.

17 “There’s so much to see,” she said. see,” she said. Farfallina and Marcel played together played together every day. every day.

18 They liked the same games, and they games, and they liked each other. liked each other.

19 But one day Farfallina was not herself. “I’m not sick,” she told Marcel, “just a told Marcel, “just a little uncomfortable.” little uncomfortable.”

20 “I need to climb up onto a branch and rest for a while.” “I’ll wait for you,” Marcel called as Farfallina made her way up the tree.

21 Marcel watched until Farfallina was completely out of sight. Then he settled himself in the grass and waited.

22 Night came and then morning, but morning, but Farfallina didn’t Farfallina didn’t come down. come down.

23 Marcel called to her, but she didn’t but she didn’t answer. He was very answer. He was very worried and terribly worried and terribly lonely. lonely.

24 Weeks went by. The afternoons grew longer and warmer, longer and warmer, and Marcel went to and Marcel went to the pond. the pond.

25 He was growing, and when he looked at his reflection in at his reflection in the water, he hardly the water, he hardly recognized himself. recognized himself.

26 He went back to the tree every day to tree every day to look for Farfallina, look for Farfallina, but she was never but she was never there. there.

27 And after a while he gave up.


29 At the top of the tree Farfallina was snuggled in a blanket of glossy silk. She was growing too.

30 The sky was blue and clear the morning she was ready to come out and open her beautiful new wings.

31 She had no idea how long she had been long she had been up in the tree and up in the tree and she floated down to she floated down to find Marcel. find Marcel.


33 “I’ll just wait,” said Farfallina when she Farfallina when she didn’t see him, and didn’t see him, and she sat on a flower. she sat on a flower.

34 Night came and then morning, but Marcel morning, but Marcel wasn’t there. wasn’t there. Farfallina was tired Farfallina was tired and confused. and confused.

35 She fluttered around a bit and went to a bit and went to the pond. the pond. The pond was glassy smooth except…

36 for the ripples made by a large, by a large, handsome goose handsome goose who was swimming who was swimming in solitary circles. in solitary circles.

37 Farfallina shivered with disappointment. with disappointment.

38 She went to the pond every day to look every day to look for the small gray for the small gray bird named Marcel, bird named Marcel, but he never came. but he never came.

39 One morning the goose stopped his goose stopped his silent rounds and silent rounds and spoke to her. spoke to her.

40 “You must like it here,” he said. here,” he said. Farfallina fluttered a bit.

41 “I’ve been waiting for a friend,” she said a friend,” she said sadly, “but I don’t sadly, “but I don’t think he’ll come.” think he’ll come.”

42 Marcel liked her smile and her brilliant colors. “I know how you feel,” he said.

43 “I lost a friend too. She just vanished into thin air.” Farfallina liked his sleek feathers and his gentle eyes.

44 “A ride around the pond might cheer pond might cheer you up,” Marcel said. you up,” Marcel said.

45 Farfallina thought it would, and she would, and she settled herself on settled herself on Marcel’s back. Marcel’s back.

46 “It’s funny,” Marcel said, “but I feel as though I’ve known you for a long time.”

47 “I was just thinking the same thing,” said Farfallina. “My name is Farfallina. What’s yours?”

48 Marcel stopped suddenly. He beat the water with his strong wings. Then he swam round and round and round.

49 “It’s me Farfallina,” he shouted. “It’s me, Marcel! Is that really you?”

50 They looked at each other and laughed. By evening they had explained everything and they fell asleep smiling at the stars.

51 Farfallina and Marcel spent the rest of the summer playing just as they had before.

52 Marcel was careful not to fly too fast because he knew that Farfallina couldn’t keep up.

53 Farfallina didn’t hide in the flowers because she knew that Marcel would never find her.

54 And when the leaves on the trees around the pond turned red and gold, they decided to go south.



57 ASSIGNMENT This story is about very special friends. Write about you and your best friend and the things that you do together.

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