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Literary Analysis Of A Novel

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1 Literary Analysis Of A Novel
Movie Poster Project Literary Analysis Of A Novel

2 Objective The purpose of this project is to teach students how to examine and understand literary texts. The students should be able to read and analyze literature, while learning new vocabulary and concepts. Students will also examine their own thought process, as it relates to their response to the text. This will enable students to read and understand any text regardless of genre or difficulty. 

3 Directions Students will be given a novel to read that has been pre-selected by the teacher. Before reading the novel, students will be given vocabulary and background notes on the novel.  We will read the novel as a class and students will be given quizzes, homework, and in class assignments that correlate with the novel. After completion of the novel students will be required to create a movie poster based on the novel.

4 Requirements The poster must include: An original title
A picture that correlates with the title An original tag line Names of actors/actresses chosen to play the main characters in the novel Students will also be required to present this poster in class and explain their movie idea to the class.  

5 Materials & Resources Students will need the novel and notes that will be given at the start of the project, prior to reading the novel. Technology resources: Digital Cameras, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Must use a printing service. The number of computers required is 1 per 2 students. Students Familiarity with Software Tool: Students will learn to use tools for assignment, by using various resources (teacher, parents, peers). Students will be allowed to use computers in class, but must do some work outside of class also.

6 Evaluation There are six categories that will develop your grade for this assignment. You will receive points for each category for a total of 200 points. The points are given as follows. __________ Completion (50 pts) __________ Creativity/Originality (50 pts) __________ Overall Appearance (50 pts) __________ Title (25 pts) __________Presentation (25 pts)

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