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1 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR Sec. 22-3 Pages 649-654
Define: Yellow journalism – armistice – protectorate Identify: Jose Marti – Gen. Valeriano Weyler – Teddy Roosevelt – George Dewey – Emilio Aguinaldo – Platt Amendment – Foraker Act – William Taft Explain how US was drawn into the Spanish American war –Cuban rebellion - sinking of the Maine – battles in Cuba – Philippines – Treaty of Paris – Puerto Rico – Guam

2 CUBAN REBELLION 90 miles from US – lived under Spanish rule
1895- Jose Marti led Cuban revolt Span. Gen. V. “Butcher” Weyler put Cubans in camps – many will die of disease/starvation Americans feel sympathy towards the Cuban people and will begin to pressure US to get involved.

3 US INTERESTS US businesses worried about investments in Cuba
1896- Pres. Wm. McKinley supported Cubans but didn’t want war with Spain American press reported stories –yellow journalism – Hearst & Pulitzer newspapers Started war fever in US in support of Cuban independence.

4 REMEMBER THE MAINE Jan – Pres. McKinley sent USS Maine to Havana harbor to protect American citizens and property Feb explosion killed 260 officers & crew Spain blamed – US cried for revenge Congress declares war April 1898 – gives $50 million for war Years later, testing showed explosion was an accident.

5 SUMMARIZE What island was 90 miles from the US?
What was the name of the Spanish general in charge of this island who put the people in camps where they starved? Who was the US president at this time? What vocab term means to sensationalize or report falsely details of an incident? What was the war cry in 1898 for revenge on Spain?

6 TWO FRONT WAR Front – Area of fighting
Cuba Philippines

7 PHILIPPINES Spain controlled
Asst. Sec. of Navy, T. Roosevelt orders Comm. George Dewey (in Hong Kong) to attack Manila (capital) May 1898, Spanish fleet defeated in less than 7 hours July 1898, Amer. troops arrive led by Filipino rebel, Emilio Aguinaldo – declare independence from Spain.

8 CUBA May 1898, Spanish fleet trapped by US naval forces at Santiago harbor July US soldiers arrive – Rough Riders led by T. Roosevelt charge up San Juan Hill Spanish fleet tried to break out of Santiago – defeated – ended Spanish rule Turned attention to Puerto Rico – took control in late July 1898 Spain signs armistice – cease fire –Aug. 1898

9 SUMMARIZE What vocab term means an area of fighting?
Where were we fighting in the Span-Amer. War? What role did T. Roosevelt play? What was his fighting group called? Who was the Filipino rebel who led US troops? What other Caribbean island did the US control in this war? What vocab term means a cease fire?

10 TREATY OF PARIS Cuba – Spain withdrew – given independence
Made protectorate –country that is technically independent, but actually under the control of another country Congress passes Platt Amendment – prohibits Cuba from making treaties with other nations and gives US control of naval base at Guantanamo Bay – Gave US right to intervene in Cuban affairs

11 TREATY OF PARIS US receives:
Puerto Rico – Foraker Act – US sets up new gov’t – made US territory in 1917 – granted citizenship to all people (they want freedom ) Philippines – Aguinaldo’s forces will fight for freedom until 1901 – put under civilian gov’t headed by Wm. Taft – gain full independence in 1946 Guam Spain was paid $20 million for Philippines

12 SUMMARIZE Where was the peace treaty held?
What vocab terms means a country that is independent, but actually controlled by another country? What was the Platt Amendment? What 3 areas did the US gain? What did Spain gain? Who was put in charge of the Philippines as their temporary governor in 1901?

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