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Mrs. Buzeta BS in Elementary Education Certified K-8 in Language Arts 11 th year of teaching.

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2 Mrs. Buzeta BS in Elementary Education Certified K-8 in Language Arts 11 th year of teaching

3 Mrs. Jackson BA in Elementary Education MA in Elementary Education EdS in Learning, Design, and Technology 8 th year of teaching (7 years in GCPS)

4 Mrs. Northam---Math and Science Attended University of Alabama and UAB BS in Healthcare Management and Chemistry MBA and MSHA Certified K-8 in Elementary and Math

5 7:40-8:20 8:25-9:35 9:40-10:50 10:55-12:05 12:12-12:50 1:00-1:20 1:25-2:05 RTI Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Lunch Recess Specials

6 Teacher: Mrs. Jackson Teaching Methods mini-lessons reading groups Wordly Wise novel units Assessments include running records CARS tests cold reads common/county assessments

7 Teacher: Mrs. Jackson Topics of Study Civil War Reconstruction World War I Great Depression World War II Civil Rights Era Current Events Assessments Key Ideas Class Work Projects Tests

8 Teacher: Mrs. Buzeta Writing Genres Narrative Informational Persuasive Focus Areas Word Choice Voice Organization Conventions Presentation Grammar Skills

9 Teacher: Mrs. Northam Standards Order of Operations Fractions & Decimals Measurement & Geometry Problem Solving & Real World Application

10 Teacher: Mrs. Northam Students will work to build math fluency, think critically, explain their math reasoning and problem solve Daily math work may include: Fast Four, Mountain Math, Daily Word Problems, Math Writing and Mad Minute Students will have Math homework nightly.

11 Teacher: Mrs. Northam Standards Physical Science – Properties of Matter, Chemical & Physical Changes, Electricity & Magnetism Earth Science – Constructive/Destructive Forces, Human Intervention on the Environment Life Science – Cells, Microorganisms, Animal and Plant Classification, Inherited Traits & Learned Behaviors

12 Students will typically have around 45 minutes to an hour of homework each night. This includes reading for 20 minutes, math practice, studying for tests, and catching up on any work. All homework, upcoming tests/quizzes, and projects will be written in the students agendas daily. Friday Flyer Sent via email on Friday afternoons Announces upcoming topics, assessments, and events

13 Classroom Conduct

14 Grading Formative Assessments Daily Grades Class Work Projects Teacher Observation Math and ELA Formative – 4, 3, 2, 1 Summative - % Science and SS Percentage Grades

15 Test Corrections Math, Grammar, and Reading Only If a student receives a 69% or below in one of these areas, a test correction slip will be stapled to his or her test. The student will have multiple days to complete test corrections and acquire a parent signature. For meaningful, well-written test corrections, students may earn up to half credit for each incorrect answer.

16 Thank you! If you have any content specific questions, please email the appropriate teacher. Have a nice night!

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