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Mrs. Jacobs---Reading and Social Studies I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Ga. I received my Bachelors degree from in Early Childhood Education.

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2 Mrs. Jacobs---Reading and Social Studies I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Ga. I received my Bachelors degree from in Early Childhood Education with an ESOL endorsement from Berry College. This is my 8 th year teaching, with experiences prior in 1 st and 4 th grade.

3 Mrs. Parker---Math and Science Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL BS from the Florida State University – GO NOLES! Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University, Certified in Elementary Education, Middle Grades Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Math & Gifted Endorsed This is my twelfth year here in Forsyth County! My experience includes teaching students in 1 st, 3 rd, and 5th grades.

4 Mr. Neal---Writing and Grammar I graduated from North Greenville University with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Last year I was located in Pickens, SC (Dacusville Elementary School) with a third grade class. I have had past experiences in both 4 th and 5 th grades. I am very excited to be back in Georgia (especially at Haw Creek Elementary)!

5 7:40-8:20 8:25-9:35 9:40-10:50 10:55-12:05 12:12-12:50 1:00-1:20 1:25-2:05 RTI Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Lunch Recess Specials


7 Teacher: Mrs. Jacobs I will be using the Daily 5 and CRAFT(based on CAFE) in my reading block. I will teach minilessons on comprehension, response to literature, accuracy, fluency, and text structure. Students will then apply and practice these skills in small reading groups. I will group students in three different ways depending on students needs: leveled groups, strategy groups, and literature groups. All groups are flexible. Formative assessments include: running records CARS tests, and cold reads. Summative assessments are county made and cover all the reading standards taught that quarter.

8 Teacher: Mrs. Jacobs We will be using Wordly Wise for our vocabulary program. Most of the lessons will be done in class; however, students should still be studying their words at home. We will have a Wordly Wise test every other Friday. Please make sure your child is reading nightly!

9 Teacher: Mrs. Jacobs This year in social studies we will be covering U.S. history from the Civil War until present day. I will be using key idea assignments throughout the year that cover the key vocabulary, key people, and essential questions for each lesson. I will also be incorporating project based learning as often as possible. Many of the social studies standards will be integrated into reading as well. Social studies will be graded with percent grades that will be determined through class work, tests, quizzes, and projects.

10 Teacher: Mr. Neal Being well versed in grammatical rules, as well as the correct uses for each part of speech directly correlates with becoming a better writer. We will have lessons on parts of speech (Reading Street based), and how each part of speech is used to make our writing more enjoyable for the reader. Assessments will include: Grammar pages from Reading Street (F) Essays (3 per nine weeks) (S).

11 Teacher: Mr. Neal My goal for each student this year is to move away from dependence on the teacher for a prompt every time they write. To achieve this goal, we will write as much as possible. I will teach lessons that provide students with ideas and techniques for: brainstorming, organization, and editing. With this approach the outcome will be a more independent writer. Each student will have an arsenal of tactics to utilize when I am no longer by their side, and they are expected to show what they can do as an Individual writer (5 th grade writing test).

12 Teacher: Mrs. Parker Students will work to build math fluency, think critically, explain their math reasoning and problem solve Daily math work may include: Fast Four, Mountain Math, Daily Word Problems, Math Writing and Mad Minute Extensions include: Math in History, Math Mysteries, Logic Puzzles, 10 Things all Future Mathematicians and Scientists Must Know, Mathletes, and more! Students will have Math homework nightly.

13 Teacher: Mrs. Parker Writing – RAFT, Show What You Know, Whats the Problem? Computers – IXL, PowerPoint, Prezi, Edmodo Meet the Teacher – Small Group Review/Extension YOYO – Independent Work (Youre On Your Own) Hands-On – Math Manipulatives & Concrete Examples Math Games – 24 Game, Puzzlers, Brainteasers, SET

14 Teacher: Mrs. Parker The 5 th grade Science Standards include: Physical Science – Properties of Matter, Chemical & Physical Changes, Electricity & Magnetism Earth Science – Constructive/Destructive Forces, Human Intervention on the Environment Life Science – Cells, Microorganisms, Animal and Plant Classification, Inherited Traits & Learned Behaviors Health will be taught during the 4 th quarter

15 Students will typically have around 45 minutes of homework each night. This includes reading for 20 minutes, math practice, studying for tests, and catching up on any work. Homework will not be posted on the Friday flyer. However, this is the best place to find upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects.

16 Follow the 5 th Grade Team Like us on Facebook Haw Creek 5 th Grade Follow us on Twitter @HawCreek5th Follow us on Instagram @HCES5thGrade

17 Thank you! Thank you for coming. We have index cards around the room if you would like to write down any additional questions you may have. We will answer them via the Friday Flyer or in an email.

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