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Religion Clothes Food Artifacts Shelter Region

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1 Religion Clothes Food Artifacts Shelter Region
The Hopi Religion Clothes Food Artifacts Shelter Region

2 The Lands of the Hopi The Hopi had a lot of land.
Hopi Indians lived in the southwest region.

3 Southwest Region

4 The Hopis Land. The Hopi are one of the Pueblo people. They are the same as most Pueblo people, except they have their own language. The Hopis were excellent farmers. They have been growing crops for hundreds of years. Pueblos are one of the oldest settlements.

5 The Hopi ate a variety of foods.
Hopi Foods The Hopi ate a variety of foods.

6 The variety of foods One food that was common in the Hopi was corn. There was 24 different kinds of corn like blue and white. They used the corn for their main kind of food. Another food that they had was Piki bread. The Hopi also grew different kinds of beans. The kind of beans that they had and ate were black beans, yellow beans, and purple string beans.

7 Some foods that the Hopi grew and ate were squash, melons, pumpkins, and peaches.
The last food that the Hopi ate was apricots. The Hopi used irrigation and other methods to crow their crops.

8 The variety of foods Corn Beans

9 Hopi Clothing Everyday and Ceremony

10 The Fascinating Clothes of the Hopi
There clothes were made of animal skins and cotton. They wore sandals or moccasins on their feet. The Hopi clothes fit very loose. On an average day the men wore shirts and tunics, and the women wore skirts or dresses.

11 In the winter they added shawls,blankets and extra clothing to their outfits.
The chief Kachina wore all white besides his red moccasins and a trace of blue on one shoulder The Hopi men dressed as Kachinas at ceremonies.

12 Hopi Homes Pueblo Homes

13 The Homes of the Hopi The Hopi built homes out of adobe.
Adobe is a type of clay to protect blistering heat. They built pueblos. Pueblos were made of stones and mud.

14 Pueblo Village

15 Pueblo Village Pueblo homes made out of adobe (clay)

16 Hopi Women Owned the land and the house
Cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, and wove baskets

17 Hopi Men Planted and harvested the food, hunted, performed ceremonies, and did the weaving Weaving was very important as the cloth was used to make ceremonial costumes

18 Kachina dolls, Ceremonies, Rituals, and Religion

19 The Religion of The Hopi
At the heart of the Hopi religious life are the Kachina dolls. The Kachina dolls were made out of wood and were spirits, sometimes used at ceremonies. The Hopi held Kachina ceremonies, in July. The Hopi did rain dances to bring liquid to the region.

20 The Hopi believed the Kachina bring rain and help crops to grow.
Many ceremonies involve special prayers and rituals to assure rain. Marriage was a major event in the lives of most of the Southwest Indians Tribes. Hopi men in the dry Southwest collected snakes for an elaborate ritual. When the Indians returned the snakes to the desert, they were supposed to bring pre-harvest rain to the Hopi land.

21 Amazing artifacts of the Hopi.
Hopi artifacts.

22 Artifacts The Hopi made Kachina dolls.
Beautiful pottery is a part of Hopi life. They made and sold jewelry.

23 Artifacts They used a dry farming technique.
Dry farming is a way to grow crops without much water. They did not have much water so they used dams and irrigation canals to water their crops.

24 A game called patol was played for 2 or 4 people.
Underground structures called Kivas were made by the Hopi.

25 How the Ladybug Got Its Spots
   A long time ago there were only ladybugs living in the woods. The ladybugs liked to crawl up trees and sit on flowers. The ladybugs were little and red.    The wind started to blow, and the sky started to turn black. There suddenly was a very dark cloud. Black rain started to fall from it.    The ladybugs were all very quiet because they were scared. One ladybug said, "Hey lets go inside," and another ladybug said, "No, don't go inside lets se what happens." So they did not go inside.    The rain stained the ladybug's backs. The ladybugs were all very excited. And that is how ladybugs got their spots. How the Cat Got Its Claws    Long ago cats could not go outside because it was too dangerous. The dogs could rip them apart because they had sharp teeth. The cat had to try to run away because it could not fight back.    Then one day a cat went outside and it stepped in the right place. Nails got in it paws. It started to cry and it realized that it was safe.    The next day a dog came and wanted to eat the cat and the cat turned around and scared the dog away by showing its claws. Why the Snake Has No Legs    Once upon a time there was a snake that was walking along the Painted Desert. Then an eagle was in a nearby tree. He flew over the snake. The snake ran under a rock. The eagle swooped down and pecked the rock in half. The snake ran out into a hole. The eagle went to get his friends. They all pulled the snake out. The snake got caught and the eagle ate the snakes legs. From then on the snake didn't have any legs.

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