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Welcome to Physics 1403!!. Class Web Page! There, you can find: 1. Posted (MS Word format): Syllabus,

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1 Welcome to Physics 1403!!

2 Class Web Page! There, you can find: 1. Posted (MS Word format): Syllabus, Help Resources, old exams (with solutions), old quizzes (with solutions) 2. Posted (MS Power Point format): Lectures 3. Important Class Announcements & Calendar Items! 4. Links to Web Pages for a tutor list & for the textbook 5. Other important items relating to this class. PLEASE!! Get into the habit of checking this page often!

3 Announcement Page! My Web Page Linked from the class Web Page is: The Announcement Page: –Contains class announcements & major calendar items. Please check it often! You might also check out My Web page at:

4 Physics 1403 Email Distribution List! –It is VERY important that I have your correct (preferred) email address!! –I will use the email distribution list to make important class announcements!!! –It is VERY important that you check your email DAILY!!! –PLEASE tell me if you change your email address!

5 Assignment Number 1 For 15 extra Quiz Grade points!! Send me an email message: Send it to Please put “Physics 1403” in the subject line!! Please put your first & last names in the message! Due at 5PM Friday, July 13, 2012!!!

6 Math Pre-Requisites Math is the Language of Physics!! But, this is NOT a math course!! I’ll not have time to teach math to you! I must assume that you know it!! The primary difficulties with the course are often math-related!! Pre-Requisites: –Math 1320: Algebra & Math 1321: Trigonometry –Or: Math 1550: Pre-Calculus –Or equivalent courses somewhere else! Take advantage of the: Math Review in Appendix A!

7 Physics 1403 Laboratory This no-credit lab is a required co-requisite! IF you drop the lecture you MUST drop the lab also! (Exceptions?? Ask in the Physics Office, Room 101!!) ATTENTION! Labs start Wednesday, July 11!!!! NOTE: COME to lab PREPARED to start, including already having the manual!!!

8 Where to Go for Help?? See the syllabus, which covers this! See Me!!! Room 18. During office hours or not (I’m usually not rigid about these). Or call me on the phone. Or email me! I respond to email!!! See your Lab TA!!! There will be office hours for this person. One hour of each 3 hour lab period will be for problem solving, so bring homework problems to lab & ask your TA about them. Get a tutor!!! The Department of Physics Office (Room 101) has an approved list.

9 Where to Go for Help?? Your Fellow Students!!! An effective strategy is to work on homework & to study for quizzes & exams together in a group. This is how professionals work in the “real world”. The Internet!!! There are HUGE numbers of Physics Help Web sites! Using & typing in “Physics Help” gives about 54,700,000 hits!!!! I encourage you to try out some. The last page of the syllabus lists some Physics Help Web pages. The Class Web Page!

10 Bottom Line on Help IF YOU NEED HELP, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MANY HELP RESOURCES AVAILABLE !! If you need help & don’t use these resources, only YOU are to blame!

11 To Succeed in this Course See the document: “How to succeed in Physics by Really Trying” READ the book, which cost you many $$$! –It’s most effective to read the material BEFORE I lecture over it. WORK the assigned homework problems!! –Before looking at the solutions. Copying the solutions will NOT teach you physics. WORK extra problems!

12 To Succeed in this Course COME TO CLASS!! There is a correlation between attendance & grade! Also, skipping means that you are WASTING the tuition & fees that you (or soemone) paid! With tuition & fees for a full- time student, each class meeting costs some $$$$. Each time you skip, you are throwing away many $$$$!! After a while this adds up! My lectures may not be entertaining or brilliant, but I do expose you to the material. ATTENDANCE!!! THE WEEKEND DOESN’T BEGIN ON FRIDAY which IS A REGULAR CLASS DAY!!!

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