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COMP 110 Introduction to Programming Mr. Joshua Stough August 22, 2007 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:00-4:15 Gardner Hall 307.

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1 COMP 110 Introduction to Programming Mr. Joshua Stough August 22, 2007 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:00-4:15 Gardner Hall 307

2 About COMP 110 Learn how to develop algorithms Learn the basic components of computer programming –can be applied to any programming language (Java, C++, etc.) Is COMP 110 right for you? Requirements / prerequisites –no programming knowledge assumed –Math, algebra

3 Is COMP 110 Right for You? Do you have web programming experience with Java, perl, php? Experience with “classes” in C++? Some experience with Matlab, Mathematica? Do you know what is meant by Object, method, member variable, recursion, array, sorting algorithms? If yes to any, you may be ready for COMP401 instead.

4 About You By Class –freshman – (9) 26% –sophomore – (15) 43% –junior – (9) 26% –senior – (2) 6% Common Majors PSYB, BIOA, BIOB, UNDC

5 Course Web Page UNC Blackboard System – OMP110-F07/comp110F07.html OMP110-F07/comp110F07.html Course Documents Assignments Checking Grades

6 Lecture Format Review previous material –questions Present new material In-class exercises –Working together in class is fine. Lecture notes are posted, but may be modified shortly after lecture. Notebook computers please.

7 Recitation once per week Mini-lab led by me –extra programming practice –I can answer questions from lecture You will work in groups Each group should always have a laptop and textbook

8 Textbook Required Java Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design D. Malik, P. Nair ISBN: 1-4239-0135-5 0-619-06497-8 (old edition)

9 Software Java SDK. jGRASP –on public lab machines All Programs / UNC Courseware / COMP 110 –you can install on your machine this Friday's recitation We’ll do a tour later...

10 Computer Labs 7 Labs Maintained by UNC ITS You may do homework there (jGRASP is installed on all UNC lab machines) All computers have jGrasp.

11 Grades assignments 60% –both programs and book midterm 10-20% final 20-30% –If the final is an improvement over the midterm, it may count more. total100%

12 Assignments Please submit electronic copies by 11:59PM on the due date. –turn in using Blackboard Homework assignments from textbook –practice for exams Programming assignments –budget 10-12 hours per program design, code, debugging –start early!

13 Submitting Assignments All assignments will be submitted through Blackboard Submission Errors –I will email you and give a deadline for re-submitting –not checking your email is not an excuse for missing the deadline

14 Late Policy Late assignments are not accepted Exceptions will be made as necessary

15 Working in the Lab Before you open jGRASP and start coding (and asking for help): –read the assignment –think about what the assignment is asking for –review lectures and examples on the topic –write (yes, on paper) your plan for completing the assignment (i.e., your algorithm) talk to/email me if you’re having trouble at this point

16 Campus File System Andrew File System (AFS) Disk space associated with your Onyen –automatically backed up by UNC AFS in the lab –automatically appears as drive H: when you log in On your personal machine –you can install the AFS Client –won’t see drive H: unless you’re connected to the network (i.e., can access the Internet) More information –

17 Backup Your Work! Backup your work! You will lose something at some point –you might have to learn the hard way Use your AFS space –use of AFS space is not required, but is recommended Search for “backup” in the Windows help

18 Help! http://help.unc.edu962-HELP For help on general computer problems, including getting AFS enabled on your laptop or at home Also, for free software

19 Collaborating You should –Struggle with the material before seeking help. –Come to office hours, email me. –Make sure you understand the solutions you receive help on, whether from fellow students or me.

20 Sending Email to me Put COMP 110 in subject line For example: –COMP 110, I’m lost –COMP 110, This course is too easy

21 Homework 0 Introduction to Blackboard –10 points –See Blackboard or Course Schedule Due Monday (Aug 27) at 11:59pm Write a text document and turn it in using Blackboard

22 jGRASP Tour

23 This Week's Recitation Bring your laptop! We will install jGRASP We will write our first Java programs Read Chapter 1 to get in the mood and look at the Quick Review sections for Chapters 1 and 2.

24 Summary HW0 ASAP Download Java SDK from – -F07/jgrasp.html -F07/jgrasp.html Read Chapters 1 and 2 Be sure your laptop is powered up for Friday

25 Monday What is Computer Science? Introduction to Programming Reading Assignment: Chapter 1 and Quick Review of Chapter 2 Homework 0 is due at 11:59 pm

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