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Conservation of Energy September 17/20

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1 Conservation of Energy September 17/20
Physical Science Conservation of Energy September 17/20

2 Notebook set up Table of Contents
#. Date Title-Page – Page Number 16. September 9/10 Conservation of Energy – 31 1 2 Leave 4 pages (2 sheets) for the table of contents Number each page in the bottom right corner

3 Notebook set up Date: Daily work: IN: Objective: Success Criteria:
Synthesis Picture I own this I still don’t understand this OUT: 5 Daily work: 6

4 In: If an 200 kg object reaches the top of a 10 m hill, how much potential energy does it have? How much work will it do to go down the hill? How much power will be exerted when if it takes 5 seconds to go down the hill?

5 Goals: Objective: apply the laws of thermodynamics to determine how energy is conserved Success Criteria: Be able to: - describe where energy is present in each form - explain how energy is conserved using quantitative data - describe why a roller coaster works using these laws

6 Work and Energy Quiz

7 Fundamental Laws Law Simple Name of the Law Description Example
First Law of Thermodynamics Second Law of Thermodynamics Third Law of Thermodynamics Conservation of Mass What is energy? What does it do?

8 Thermodynamics Energy is the ability to bring about change or to do work. First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy is always conserved Second Law of Thermodynamics : Energy flows from high to low Second Law of Thermodynamics : Movement decreases as energy decreases but never completely stops

9 Roller Coaster Physics





14 Background Information
Describe which law each question is referring to Explain why that is the most appropriate using your knowledge and vocabulary from Newton’s Laws

15 Roller Coaster Challenge
You must analyze the physics of a roller coaster from through the lens of work, power, and energy. To do this you will have to rely on your knowledge of energy to determine the best design for a roller coaster.

16 If you destroy any of the materials they will not be replaced Grades will be on successful design AND explanations You must present your idea (drawing and explanations) prior to initiating construction

17 Background From your reading write a summary paragraph which will help you to answer the questions in your challenge (Be sure to include the necessary equations and explanations to determine the necessary structural designs)

18 Synthesis: Something creative…A drawing, a diagram, a question, a sentence that represents your thinking from this class period.

19 I own this: I still don’t understand this:

20 Out: Explain how do the laws of thermodynamics apply to energy conversions.

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